Dear all, we are using Wise in a large, global enterprise. Acquired AdminStudio Enterprise with Virtualisation Pack. Now considering the best approach to move from poorly defined process and stand alone Wise to excellent processes with AS in Enterprise mode ... meaning using the software catalogue, Test Expert, ConflictSolver etc. We have many questions.

We have about 10-12 packagers on site, a few others abroad plus a team in India to be integrated as part of the team during the Windows 7 migration - 1 year plus activity.

We are seeking one, two or all of the following subject to review.

a) a highly credible trainer to run a 5 day course on how to package for Windows 7 coming from XP background. And cross-train Wise experts to be comfortable with AdminStudio.

b) Re-packaging process expert with outstanding technical knowledge of x64 Windows 7 applications and AdminStudio. This person would have a major input into revising our processes and how to engineer an AdminStudio environment to be factory like, i.e. consistent output. Duration: subject to being scoped out with the selected person. Approx 1 month.

c) (+/-) 3 months contract for a re-packager who needs to have outstanding technical experience of Admin Studio and Windows 7. The role is to package to a gold standard on AdminStudio and knowledge transfer & educate the team. Main point of contact. Know-how with Citrix profiling and App-v are a plus.

Start is flexible but targetting early March.

German language would be a major plus.

The compensation will be excellent for the right candidate (s) and there is the possibility of a return/ extension. Please don't contact me if you don't have full EU working rights and can provide solid and appropriate references ..... those will be checked out.

If you think you fit the bill or have any questions please ping me a message.