Advertising information is generated at run-time, so you should not include this in your package, so including it may create a problem with advertising for file associations

While you are installing a repackaged application in a test machine, log in as some power user, create a file association of that particular application and double click it. It should initiate a repair; it should launch the application in the same way as you are launching the shortcut from start menu.

Some times the created file association may not initiate a repair this is because of that particular file association might not have been advertised. You can see the advertising information for file associations in the HKCR\[corresponding file extension]. For example, if the application were Adobe Reader, the advertising information for .PDF should be in the “HKCR\Acro Document\shell\open\command” key will be with name “command”. The adverting information will be in the format of junk.

To generate advertising information you should add the file association in the file properties within your MSI editor (GUI). Do not add the file associations from the registry directly (if you want the advertising information included).