There is so much to do with our system, Yes we make best of it every day. But when it comes to delete something, we have to give it a second thought. Of course who wants to lose an important data by hastily deleting the file? But there are some occasions when we accidentaly delete one of the most important file of our system. If the same happens to you, Do not worry! we have data recovery software to help you out.

Here are some simple ways to restore the deleted file from your system. Have a look on it.

Restore from Recycle Bin

The most obvious place where you may find the deleted data is your computer’s Recycle Bin. Double click the Recycle Bin icon and search for your file. Once you find what you are looking for, just right click on it and select the “Restore” menu. Doing so, the file will be automatically restored to previous location from where you have accidentally deleted it.

If you are one of those who are shortcut savvy, restoring from recycle bin can be difficult for you. Using the shortcut “Shift+delete” instead of delete actually bypass the recycle Bin and deletes the data permanently. You may no longer find it in your recycle bin.

Hence, if it’s not in the bin, you have to check out other options to restore it.

Recover from backup

This is the second place where you still can find the deleted data. You might have copied the files to some other locations or to some other storage devices like USB, CDs, DVD, Floppy Disc etc. So don’t panic and check all such possible locations. If you are lucky enough, you will find what you are looking for.

Recover from freeware program

When you delete a file from your system, it does not delete from the hard drive immediately. It can be recovered using some freeware programs unless or until no other file has overwritten the deleted file in the hard drive.

Freeware is a recovery program that can be used to recover deleted files. There are many freeware programs available online for data recovery; few of them are given below:

·       Disk drill

·       Undelete Plus

·       Free Undelete

·       Phorec

·       PC Inspector File Recover

·       Recuva

Once you are done with selecting the right software, start your scan. For this, point out the program to the folder from where the file has been deleted and start the scan. It will take some time so you have to be patient.

Once the scan is complete, you will see a huge list of different file names. These file names are of no importance to you except the one you need. So, search for your file name. When you are done with this just save it by right clicking on the file.

So now you have got what you are looking for, be cautious next time. It’s better to give a second thought while deleting a file and also void frequent use of Shift+Delete shortcut. This may put you in trouble.