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KACE Cloud MDM - ADFS SSO - Video

An explanation video discussing Single Sign-On (SSO) with ADFS is available:  ADFS SSO

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KACE Cloud MDM - iOS Enrollment

Here is a brief updated video that covers the iOS enrollment process (includes 12.2): iOS Enrollment

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KACE Cloud MDM: Q1CY19 Update Release

KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager

We are excited to announce our most recent updates to KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager for Q1CY19.

What's New:

New Feature: Device History — Our new Device History feature lets an admin keep track of detailed device information across categories like app deployments, device changes and configurations, and device lifecycle events. An admin can also export device history for multiple devices to make correlating data easier.

Feature Enhancements:

  • Multi-Configuration for AppsThis feature enhancement allows the creation of multiple configurations for a single iOS app. Not all apps allow this functionality, but an administrator can determine which apps are available for multi-configuration by locating the gear icon adjacent to the app in the master list. This functionality is only available for iOS devices at this time.
  • Password Reset As part of our effort to merge more administrative capabilities into KACE Cloud, administrators can now send a password reset email to one or more users right from the Admin Portal.
  • New Android Restrictions  There are now two additional restrictions for administrators when configuring Android devices: 
    • Allow copy/paste from the work profile - Lets an admin control whether or not data can be copied between the work and personal profiles on the device.
    • Allow Bluetooth devices to access contacts in the work profile - Lets an admin control whether or not contact information in the work profile can be accessed by Bluetooth devices.

Read more about what's new in this update

Be sure to check out the KACE Cloud MDM Product Support page to find solution articles, tips and tricks, documentation, notifications, video tutorials, and a product user forum.



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KACE Cloud MDM - Q1CY2019 Update 1 - LDAP Sync and ADFS SSO

We are excited to announce our most recent updates to KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager.

What's New:

  • General Availability of LDAP Sync Service:  LDAP Sync Service provides a continuous one-way sync from an on-prem active directory to KACE Cloud MDM. Once the client is installed to an on-prem network environment, administrators can: 
  • Select users and customize attributes
  • Adjust settings to fit requirements
  • Pre-populate KACE Cloud MDM with a user database

  • New Feature:  Active Directory Federation Services for Single Sign-On — KACE Cloud MDM customers can now use Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) when setting up single sign-on in Windows environments. ADFS allows identity information sharing outside of a company’s network, while adding an additional layer of security beyond a third party active directory.
  • Feature Enhancements:  We are also introducing several feature enhancements: Additional device enrollment status codes; the ability to delete one or more devices with a status of unenrolled, unenrolling, or failed; note fields for use when managing both users and devices; and a new description field for Wi-Fi configurations.

Please see the full Release Notes, including previous releases and Known Issues for more information.
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KACE Cloud MDM - LDAP Sync Service

Here is a video explaining the LDAP Sync Service for KACE Cloud MDM:  LDAP Sync Service

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