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Resolve Error 501 Jet_ErrLogFileCorrupt in Exchange – Step by Step

A Brief Overview of Jet Error 501

Sometimes, while mounting the data in the Exchange database an error occurs in the server namely error 501 jet_errlogfilecorrupt. The main cause that leads to the generation of this error is corrupt log files. To resolve the error users have two ways: one is the manual approach and the other one is automated solution. In the article, we will be describing the main cause of Jet error 501 in Exchange, solutions to resolve the error by using built-in utility or expert solution. 

Why Does Unexpected Error 501 jet_errlogfilecorrupt Occur?

The main reason behind the error is corruption in the log files. Moreover, the error occurs as there is some data loss, corruption in the header section of log files, or infected log file. Due to jet error 501 in Exchange Server, users are restricted to load the data in the database. 

Check Whether the Log File is Corrupted or Not

Corruption in log files leads to Server error 501. Mentioned below are few points using which one can make sure that whether the log file is corrupted or not.

  • Run the command prompt window on display screen
  • Next, run Eseutil inbuilt utility by typing a command: eseutil /ml Enn
  • If operation terminates with error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt (log file is corrupt) message it means the log file is damaged.

2 Ways to Resolve the Jet Error 501 Easily

In the section mentioned, the users will get to know regarding how to resolve Server Error 501 using inbuilt utility and an automated solution.

Way1: Manual Method

One can resolve the error 501 in Exchange server from the backup of the damaged or corrupted log file. To fix this, one should remove the damaged or corrupted log file from the database of the Exchange server and then one can restore the server from the backup files. Once this process is complete, one needs to run eseutil.exe command to make the log file again. Mentioned below are few points through which one can restore the corrupted or damaged log file and fix the error 501 jet_errLogFileCorrupt easily.

1. Find replica of log files backup: The very first step one should follow is found the backup replica of damaged log files from the working condition of backup. If one is falling short of the corrupt backup log files, one can recover then one can easily recover it by using the inbuilt utility or any other 3rd party tool.

2. Corrupted log files Deleted: If a user has the backup replica of the corrupted log file, then he/she should discard the damaged log files from the database of the Exchange Server.

3. Recover Deleted log file: Once the corrupted log files are deleted from the Exchange server, the next step one should follow is to restore the deleted log file of Microsoft Exchange from backup files. Once this kind of files is recovered, a temporary file namely restore.env is generated all the times. The file thus generated removes the jet error 501 from the log files easily.

4. Run built-in utility i.e., Eseutil: The next step one should follow is to run the Eseutil command to make the log files time and again. The command one should follow to remake the log files is mentioned below:

Eseutil/cc path of the restore end

The command mentioned above will repair the corrupted or damaged log file. Moreover, it will also delete the temporary file i.e., restore.env.

Using these commands one can easily escape the error 501 JET_errLogFileCorruption.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method:

As the users know that a solution must have a flaw. Same occurs in the case of Exchange Server Error 501. Mentioned below are few problems that are encountered while resolving the Jet error 501.

  • The process is very much time consuming and lengthy
  • To recover a hard drive by Use utility is difficult task
  • It becomes very difficult to perform the task as it is complicated

Way 2: Automated Solution

As the above-mentioned method is very difficult to perform as it is very time consuming and lengthy process. So, one should try the Exchange Server log Analyzer tool to perform the task magnificently. The automated utility is so well designed that it can resolve the issue in a single shot. The tool can repair corrupt Exchange log file gracefully and there is no scope of Jet error 501 in it. 

Final Words

One of the major reasons behind Exchange Server error 501 is the corruption in log files. This makes it impossible for users to mount the data files into Microsoft Exchange database. Availability of the manual method to fix error 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt may prove to be helpful for users up to some extent. However, to rectify it quickly, it is recommended to use a third party utility. One such tool available for this is Exchange Server Log Analyzer, as mentioned above. It makes the process of fixing the error less complicated and fast

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Operation Cannot be Performed – Object Deleted Error in Outlook 2016 | 2013

Owing to its commendable features and capabilities, Microsoft Outlook has received an enormous crowd of users. Outlook provides the freedom to work in both offline and online mode in an easy manner whenever they require. However, there is a possibility that while accessing Outlook users has to face some issues. One of the most common error is “The operation cannot be performed because the object has been deleted”  

The error is often caused by the corruption in Outlook PST file. The file can be corrupted due to various reasons like:
  • 2GB size limitation in older Outlook versions
  • Sudden cut in power supply
  • Hardware-related issues 
Issue Faced by the Users
Whenever users face this issue in Outlook, they get this kind of error message as shown below i.e."The operation cannot be performed because the object has been deleted"


Method 1: Re-create Outlook Account
Follow these very simple steps to re-create Outlook account:
1. Firstly, open Outlook and then, delete IMAP email account 
2. Then, create a new account 
3. This will create a new PST file
4. Finally, download all your emails back from the IMAP server

Method 2: Repair PST File
To repair corrupted PST file use Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool (also known as scanpst.exe). Follow these steps to proceed further:
1. Firstly, close Outlook and open your PST file in scanpst.exe and then, run the scan
2. If you have Outlook 2010 scanpst.exe it is located in below location: 
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

3. By default Outlook, PST files are located in
C:\Users\ <username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

4. Alternatively, the location of PST file can be found in Outlook Account Settings
Outlook >> File >> Info >> Account Setting >> Data Files

Sometimes users of Outlook have to face some challenges due to corrupted or damaged PST files. Some errors that occur all of a sudden can obstruct the work of users. So, in the above section, we have discussed an error “The operation cannot be performed because the object has been deleted” along with the methods to resolve it easily.
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Best 3 Ways to Remove Duplicate Emails from Microsoft Outlook

Emails play a vital role in running an effective business, as it is a basic mode for sharing data information. Almost all the business users use MS Outlook as its email application for proper management of emails. From the business viewpoint, they have about hundreds of communications on their mailbox of Outlook. Due to which, at the time of working they face an issue of duplicate emails in the mailbox as several of emails are stuck in many folders.  If there are some duplicate emails in mailbox then, users will face few issues while working over Outlook like the decrease in performance of MS Outlook, the corsage of storage limitation of Outlook, etc. In the following write-up, we will discuss the causes behind it and how to remove duplicate emails from Outlook PST file.

Causes for Behind Duplicate Items
There are various reasons because of which, duplicate emails may occur in MS Outlook. Some of them are mentioned below:
1. Getting various copies of exact mail is due to a reason as various companies send the same emails, blogs, newsletters, etc. back to back for gaining the user’s attention.
2. When synchronization process continues through laptop or mobile device, then many times the process get finished, which results in duplication.
3. Many times, an option of Messages Leaving is active, which results in undesirable duplicate messages on the mailbox.
4. Merging of numerous files imperfectly results in duplication.

Techniques for Removing Duplicates Mail 
Before learning or understanding about how to remove duplicate Outlook items, it is important to firstly understand a way to how to get free from such problem. Always preserve the step and implementation of MS Outlook by cleaning the whole mailbox in daily. By cleaning, it does mean to eliminate the mailbox data, but to remove the unwanted items. In this way, users can keep their Outlook up-to-date. There are some ways mentioned below that helps in removing the email duplication from MS Outlook.

Check Settings of Account 
Most of the time, users can attempt in configuring Microsoft Outlook files more than a time, which adds various accounts to Outlook while synchronizing the PST files, which made a copy in Outlook. It can be removed by following few steps:
1. Open MS Outlook on your system.
2. Go to file option, select Info >> click on Account Settings.
3. In the Windows of account settings, there is a mail tab. Search out configured account name. 
4. If the account is configured with the similar name more than one time then, remove extra account by selecting mail account >> choose to Remove option.
5.  Click on the close button to the duplicate account is removed. 

Import and Export Option
There are various steps that are mentioned, which helps users in removing email duplicate from Outlook.
1. Firstly, start MS Outlook on your machine.
2. Select file Option >> choose Open >> Export option.
3. Now, click on the option of Import/Export.
4. Choose an option of import from other file or program and click next.
5. Select PST file and click next.
6. Browse data file to import and check an option of “do not import duplicates”. Then, choose next.
7. Select Outlook data files to export the complete data and select exact folder after clicking on the particular folder and click Finish.
8. Change the view settings for eliminating duplication.

For another version of Outlook (2002, 2003. 2007)
1. In Outlook 2002 and 2007, choose an option of the current view, which is under view menu for moving an option from folder to table view.
2. In Outlook 2003, select current view for changing the option from folder to table view, which is under arrange by an option on the view menu.
3. Click on the header of the column and choose an option of field chooser.
4. Click on all name fields items from displayed list.
5. Drop the changed field to the heading of the table.
6. Duplicate item will have diverse date from initial date set. Click on Altered headings then, it will be simple to understand.
7. Select an item from list set, which is needed to be deleted and press Shift+ delete key for permanent deletion.

For Outlook 2010
1. Select change view option from view and select option of preview for changing the folder to table view option.
2. Choose an option of field chooser from a column of the header.
3. Select all email fields to option from the field chooser.
4. By selecting the changed heading, check the duplicate item, which is variant from initial item set.
5. Choose the first and last item, which is needed to be deleted.
6. Press shift + delete and eliminate duplication by permanently data items deleting.

Clean up Tool of Outlook
It is an inbuilt utility of MS Outlook, which permits users for removing duplicates from Outlook files as well as folders by following given steps:
1. Open MS Outlook on your machine.
2. Select cleanup option for expanding all options.
3. Once it is expanded, then three options will appear, i.e. clean up folders, clean up the conversation, clean up folders & subfolder.
4. Now choose an option of clean up folder and subfolders.
5. Click yes to continue.
6. Another option, which is showing is settings and choose settings option to manually provide the location of deleted folder items.
7. After selecting the settings options then, MS Outlook option Window will be displayed.
8. Click on browse option for providing the location of Outlook PST file.
9. Choose the folder that will pop-up and select an option of deleted items >> click Ok.

Expertise Solution
There is a software namely Outlook Duplicates Remover. It is a straight way for removing duplication from MS Outlook items. The software is completely safe as well as secure to use and remove all the duplication from files and folders of MS Outlook without losing a data.

Email duplication creates a great confusion of everyone while working. Therefore, it is important to remove duplicates from PST File to gain Outlook performance back. For removing the duplicate items, manual methods and expert's solution to remove Duplicate emails from Outlook are discussed in the above discussion that makes easy for users to utilize Outlook in a better way. 

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Top 10 Methods to Take Full Backup of Gmail Email Account

Over nearly several years the usage of Gmail has been increased. Gmail users put a lot of information in their respective account. Some of the information like bank statements, business reports, general correspondence, etc. however, it is always possible that this Gmail data could wipe out from. Therefore, it is recommended to create a backup of Gmail account. In the following section, we will discuss the ultimate solution to create a backup of Gmail account manually and automatically.

Method 1: Settings in Gmail
  • Firstly, login to Gmail account by putting in the credentials. Then, go to the “Mail Settings”
  • Click on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab
  • Under “POP Download” choose the first option “Enable POP for all mail”
  • Now, click on the option of “Save Changes”
  • Once your email is configured for download the emails, always remember to open it periodically to backup.
Method 2: Google Takeout
  • Go to Google Takeout 
  • Choose that data you want to download and then, select “Next”
  • Select file type and also, delivery method
  • Now, you need to wait for the email. You will receive a file or an email on Google drive along with the backed up database
Method 3: Download Gmail Backup 
  • Firstly, download Gmail Backup and then, install it. Visit here to download: https://code.google.com/p/gmail-backup-com/
  • Go to the directory of the program by opening your command or terminal
  • Run the program and replace “dir” with that name of the directory you want to use and your email address with the password.
Method 4: Apple Mail
  • To begin you need to click on Mail >> Preferences
  • Now, click on “Accounts” tab
  • Click on the plus sign (+) to add a new account
  • Now, Put in Name in the “Full name field”
  • Then, enter your Gmail address in the Email Address field. Also, enter your Gmail password 
  • Once you did that, put a check in the box, which is next to “Automatically set up your account”
  • Finally, click on Create.
Method 5: Outlook Express
  • First of all, click on Tool >> Accounts >> ADD >> Mail
  • Now, enter your name and click “Next”
  • Enter your Email address then, type “pop.gmail.com” in the incoming (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) mail server field 
  • Type in “smtp.gmail.com” in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server field and click “Next”
  • Now, enter your email address along with the password and then, click “Next” followed by “Finish”
  • Under the Account highlight “pop.gmail.com”. Click on “Properties” and then click on Advanced tab.
  • Fill in this information as mentioned below
          1) Check the box, which is next to “This server requires a secure connection(SSL)”. This is under Outgoing Mail (SMTP)
          2) In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) enter 465
          3) Check the box next to “This server requires a secure connection” under Outgoing mail server
          4) Check the box next to “This server requires a secure connection” under Incoming mail server. The port will change to 995.
  • Now, return to the server tab and click on the box, which is next to “My server requires authentication”. Then, click on “OK”
Method 6: Thunderbird
  • Firstly, open Thunderbird and enter your Gmail username and also, Google password 
  • All your email will be downloaded by Thunderbird
Note: You cannot get the backup of sent emails by this method.

Method 7: Windows Mail
  • Click Tools menu >> Accounts >> Add
  • Now, choose Email account and then, click “Next”
  • Enter your name in the given field of outgoing messages. Click “Next” and then, enter your Gmail address
Fill in the given fields as mentioned below:
        1) In Incoming mail server type in POP3
        2) Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server: pop.gmail.com. Google app users need to enter the server name not the domain name
        3) Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP): smtp.gmail.com
        4) Outgoing server requires authentication should be “enabled”

  • Once you have done that click on “Next”. Now, enter email address along with the password
  • Click on “Next”. Check the box, which is next to “Do not download my e-mail at this time”. Click on “Finish”
  • Make sure that your pop.gmail.com mail is selected on the internet Accounts screen. Click on “Properties
  • Enter 465 in the box, which is next to the box of Outgoing mail, on the advance tab. Also, check to the box, which is next to “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)”.
  • Again you need to make a check on the box, which is next to “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)" under Incoming mail (POP3). This would be automatically updated to 995 to the box, which is next to incoming mail.
  • Finally, click on “OK” and then, close the internet Accounts window.
Method 8: Backup in Hotmail 
  • Enter your Gmail credentials in Hotmail 
  • It will automatically your Gmail emails and contacts to Windows Live Hotmail.
Method 9: Backup using Outlook 
  • Launch Outlook in your system, then click on File >> Add button
  • Now, your account on Outlook by putting in the credentials and click on “Next”
  • Once you have done that, you will see all your Gmail Emails on Outlook.
Method 10: Expert Solution
Users can use a tool namely Gmail backup tool and create the backup of all the Emails of Gmail. This tool gives the backup of all your Gmail data in a trouble free way and retains the data integrity. This is how this tool works:
  • To run Gmail email backup tool click on Start >> All Programs >> Gmail Backup
  • Type in the credentials of Gmail account and then, click on Login
  • You will get a pop-up “You will be redirected to browser for authentication” click on “OK”
  • Now, you need to sign in to your Gmail account. After this, the software will ask for the authentication to proceed further click on “Accept”
  • Once you click on accept, it will redirect you to the software’s interface. You need to select required format of the Email
  • Now, you need to choose the destination where you want to save the backup files and click on “OK”
  • When you proceed further you will see an Additional option like:
Delete After Download: Using this option you can delete all the emails from the server after you created the backup.
Apply Filter: This filter option provides two options one is “Folder Selection” and other is “Time Interval”

  • Now, choose the filters options as per your requirement and go ahead.
  • Once you made all the choices, click on “Start” to begin the process of backup Gmail emails.
  • The software will show this screen as shown in the figure once the process is started. 
  • A pop-up screen will come as soon as the process is completed. Click on  “OK” and you will get Gmail backup.

After understanding the need of Gmail email account backup we have discussed, the Ultimate solution to create a backup of Gmail account manually and automatically. These are the top 10 ways using, which users can easily create the backup of Gmails emails. Among all of the discussed ways, the best way to create a backup of Gmail email account is by using Gmail Backup Tool as it makes the backup process very easy.

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Something Wrong With the Data Files and Outlook Needs To Close – Resolved Error

The computer is connected to a network due to which our emails were on the Exchange server. I was encountering one or the another issue with an account. Basically, when I opened Outlook 2013 on different machines I was again-and-again encountering only one error message all-time i.e., “Something is wrong with one of the data files and Microsoft Outlook Needs to close”. I thought that I can resolve this error using inbuilt Inbox repair tool of Outlook. Therefore, I used this free tool but, it managed its working only for a short time duration by first eliminating an Outlook user profile and then again reconfiguring it. This solution worked for just about 36 hours and the issue again started.  Thus, in this blog, I am going to share all possible solutions to permanently fix this error message.

Causes of This Outlook Error
  • Error due to Installation of Network Devices: The networking devices like firewall, routers, hub, etc., might block the installation procedure of Office suite. This means that due to improper installation such error might occur.
  • The presence of Pre-existing Version of MS Office: If the existing edition of MS Office is not installed on a system then, such Outlook error might occur. Therefore, it is a recommendation to Outlook users that they should be updated from the latest version of Office.
  • Improper Activity Performed In Office Suite: If the proxy settings are enabled on your machine or any failure while processing had occurred then, it will result in incomplete installation or configuration of Office suite. Hence, as a result, an Outlook error message may also occur. 
Solutions to Fix Outlook Error
In order to debug this Outlook error, one needs to choose any one or more following solutions:

Measure #1: Disable Security Applications and Firewall
If you are encountering an error: Something is wrong with one of the data files and Microsoft Outlook Needs to close then, temporarily disable your system’s security measures. These measures involve following activities:
  • Turn off working of antivirus software, which is installed in machine
  • Disable the firewall or any other network device security from your PC
After performing this measure, try to operate Outlook and if the error still continues then, move to next approach; else stop here itself.

Measure #2: Uninstall/Install Office Suite For Error Fixing
For the accomplishment of this procedure, you need to first disable security software and firewall. After this, go through following a set of instructions:
  • If you are having a licensed version of Office then, login into http://office.com/myaccount 
Note: If you have already purchased a product key for Office then, go to http://office.com/setup and then enter the product key.
  • Enter username and password in order to access online account
  • Click on Install >> Download and then installation procedure will get started, after establishing a successful configuration
  • When installation gets finished, click on All Done button to continue
Microsoft Office suite with its latest version is now successfully installed on your system. Now try to access Outlook and run the data file in it. 

Measure #3: Making Changes/Updates in Windows Registry
After performing scanning on OST/PST file, configuring Outlook profile, and removing & installing Outlook, if the problem still continues then use this approach. The solution involves usage of Windows registry where Outlook application is installed on the machine.
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\OFFICE\OUTLOOK\PST\ PROMPT REPAIR location and see the value on current window
  • If the value is mentioned 1 then, change it to 0 
This procedure might work by starting Outlook and then, you can work without rebuilding a new profile.
If in case these above-mentioned approaches do not work then it means that Outlook data file i.e., PST file had gone corrupted. Due to corruption in the storage file, Something is wrong with one of the data files and Microsoft Outlook Needs to close error message is occurring. Therefore, one can use an Outlook PST recovery solution for debugging the problem and continue working for task accomplishment.

Something Is Wrong With One Of Your Data Files And Outlook Needs To Close: This error can be resolved either with re-installation of Office suite or with help of different PST recovery solutions. In addition, it is a recommendation to Outlook users that whenever they are installing Office suite, they should first disable security software and firewall of their machine and then proceed further with the installation procedure.

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