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KACE Helpdesk: Launch Programs and Remote Support from Ticket

Hey everyone, just a heads up, not sure if there is a better way to do this but in our testing it has worked well for us.

The primary goal of this project was to be able to launch MSRA requests from our helpdesk tickets if someone selects that they wanted to receive one. So how were we to do this for staff which only use the helpdesk portal and dont have access to inventory cards? Well its a little tricky.


Group policy set up on the machine to allow RA group configurations for access to the machine.

Added a field to the ticket called Remote Assistance? With Yes, No, Request Sent as values and No as default.

Custom Ticket rule which detects the tickets that require a link to be created. Also sets field value to Request Sent

Configuration of Rule:

Ticket rule configured to act on save for tickets with particular machine name beginning (in our environment) and only if not closed and request is 'yes'. This was done via the wizard. Wizard also used to set field value to 'Request Sent' after processing.

In configuration added the following on one line as a comment for every detected ticket:

<ahref="javascript:LaunchMSRA()">Launch Remote Assistance</a><script>function LaunchMSRA(){if(!document.all){   alert ("Available only with Internet Explorer.");   return;}var ws =newActiveXObject("WScript.Shell"); var Mach=prompt("What is the machine name?","");ws.Exec("C:\\Windows\\System32\msra.exe /offerRA " + Mach);}</script>

 What the above does is create a comment on the ticket with a hyperlink 'Launch Remote Assistance', it uses a javascript in order to run the executable with a prompt for the machine name to connect to. This uses msra but I'm certain that you could do this with vnc etc, in fact, if you were funky enough you could probably pull the machine name automatically also.

Have only tested this in IE. Also another caveat is that once this function is created due to the way that it is embedded in the ticket contents you cannot edit it, ie, if you make changes to the script and re-call it with the same name you will still get the first one because of the read order I'm guessing. My thoughts there was to create the function dynamically with a name that was based of the time to now in seconds.

Havent moved this to production yet but its looking promising. There are all sorts of things that you could use this sort of scripting from within comment banks with. I dont imagine its something that KACE would support though....

Any thoughts or comments I'd be glad to hear them.




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Ticketing App for Support Staff

Hey all,

*Update* App now allows viewing and creation of ticket regarding ANY asset which is assigned to the user in question. It lists the type also, ie "DSTU010 | Computer", "ASSET1045 | Audio Visual Gear".  App also allows override function for assets which arent assigned to particular user. </Update>

So, again today I'm just going to throw something out there and see if anyone would like a hand doing anything similar or if anyone has suggestions of extra tasks.

We have a little quick ticket app which we lovingly call the QuixToolbox/QuickTix and we give it to our support staff for performing a general set of tasks. It queries active directory for all users email addresses and allows the submission of tickets on their behalf. At the same time it lists the machine which they are assigned (only one at the moment but I hope to add a combo box of all machines/assets soon) and allows you to perform things like, reset passwords, vnc, lock down, mmc manage, check a database of login histories (we scrape this at logon), browse the inventory page of a machine, etc etc.

Primarily its used for ticket submission for people who come to the reception desk or call our central support number. Its based on HTA, nice and easy to configure.



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K1 Asset Managed Software Deployments at Image Time

Hey All,

Just thought I'd start showing some things through the blog which we use here at my workplace. I've already showed how we rename machines based on the K1 assets HERE which Dave polished and provided some very good updates for. So I thought I might show how we do some modular asset managed software installs.

Labelling and K2 scripting would probably work quite well in most organisations, but here we wanted to be able to see EVERYTHING from the asset's page and due to a 1600 odd mobile fleet, some larger packages needed to go on over the wire at image very quickly. So, we created an asset field for it.

In our soe/deployment script we then just do some basic vb scripting to check if the machine asset field contains a particular string. This way we can use the same wds or k2 image for multiple machines without having to worry about changing anything on them.

We also perform our driver installations and active directory OU movements and group memberships this way depending on how they are asseted. Makes things very asset central and gives us a definitave be-it-end-all solution for managing all manner of asset related things.

Smart labels are also created based upon the assets which have these selected so we can quickly view and update many at once.

If anyone would like any scripting or further in depth how-to's on this let me know!



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