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Kace Friday on 8/24/2018

Hello everyone,

This Friday, starting at 1 AM CST, please follow on twitter @questexperts as we will be having a product day for the Kace Appliances.  We will have all the latest release info on our Kace products as well as features, awesome tricks, and other helpful info.  This will be an entire day about the Kace products on social media. 
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Why it's important to keep your K1000 up to date

It’s important to keep your system at the latest version for a few different reasons.  Having the newest version of the K1000 will enable you to download patches and have the latest fixes and enhancements for the most current version.  Fixes to older versions are at our discretion.  We put most of our resources on the most recent product releases in order to continually improve and enhance the value of our software.  If you are on an older version, we encourage you to upgrade to the currently supported version of the software to be able to get the best support available.  Our support policy is to provide support on both the current and one version prior of our products.

We will provide full support of our software for 60 days following a release of the newest version, at which time it will go to limited support.

We will provide limited support for our product for 60 days after the release of our most current software, at which time it will become discontinued.

Below are the different types of support that we provide based on what version that you are on.

Full Software Support

·  Product is fully supported and is the generally available release or version.

·  Enhancement requests for this release are accepted and may be considered for future releases.

·  Maintenance releases or hot fixes are periodically made available for this release.

·  Release or version is fully supported by both Support and Development.

·  Release or version is available for download from our support portal.

Limited Software Support

·  Support is available for this release or version, and we will use best efforts to provide known workarounds or fixes.

·  No new code fixes will be generated except under extreme circumstances and at our discretion.

·  Enhancement requests are not accepted.

·  You are encouraged to plan an upgrade to a release or version on full support.

·  Release or version is available for download from our support portal.

Discontinued Software Support

·  Includes release or versions that are retired or discontinued.

·  No new patches or fixes will be created for this release.

·  Release is not available for download from our support portal.

·  Support will be provided to assist with upgrading to a supported version.

·  Support is not obligated to provide assistance on this version of the product.

Please see the links to view the lifecycle table for Supported Software Versions of the K1000 and K2000 Product Series.

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Deep Freeze and Kace Scripting


Windows 10 client machine. From a command prompt, when attempting to thaw or freeze a machine using the DFC program. (This would be part of a KACE script file). The format of the command is "DFC password /boothawed" or "DFC password /bootfrozen".

In either case, the machine comes back with an error message: "Internal error executing command."

This is a bug within Deep Freeze - their developers are working on the issue.

So - the short answer (right now) is that if you have a Windows 10 machine, you can't make a KACE script that will thaw or freeze a machine.  :(

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KACE: How To Map a Drive Letter To KBOX 1000 from Windows

  • Summary: Instructions on how to map drive letters to the kbox 1000 from Windows
  • Symptoms: Need help with how to map drive letters
  • Cause: Need help with how to map drive letters
  • Steps to resolve issue:


Map a drive for client installs

First set the password for the clientdrop share by:

  1. 1100: go to Settings->Security Settings
    1200: go to Settings->General Settings->Samba Share Settings (each ORG has it's own settings)
  2. turn on "edit mode"
  3. enable the share
  4. set the password

Via Explorer

You can browse to Tools-> Map a Network Drive and choose the option to "Connect Using a Different User Name"

Via Command Line

Note that the password (pa55w0rd) in the below examples is not the default and can be set in your general settings in the areas mentioned above.

net use * \\k1000\clientdrop /user:admin admin

If that fails then try three commands in order to delete old entries and recreate a new one:

net use \\k1000\clientdrop /delete
net use \\k1000\client /delete
net use * \\k1000\clientdrop /user:admin pa55w0rd
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KACE: K1000 Setting your KBOX Web Server Name

  • Summary: The K1000 appliance Web Server name can be set up in the Kbox
  • Symptoms: If you've reimaged your kbox or setting up your kbox for the first time
  • Cause: Needing instructions on doing this if not familiar with the process
  • Steps to resolve issue:

The K1000 appliance Web Server Name can be set on the Settings \ Control Panel\Network settings area. if you have a K1200 appliance, then this is in the "SYSTEM" organization.

Your webserver name should have the same domain name suffix as specified in your "Domain".

If it is not then you might end up with name resolutions like k1000.company.com.internal.company.com

If you have an internal DNS name that is different from your web server name then you should change your internal DNS to allow both names.

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