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Kbox Service Desk Tickets are showing Special Charactes &(nbsp)


We are running Kbox version 5.3.47927 , We just have observed that Service Desk is showing special charactes in Tickets comments like & nbsp, which is HTML non breaking space.

Any help would be appreciated





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KACE Agent for Macintosh - Inventory Reporting Software from Other Partitions and Running VM's

Suggestions to mitigate inventory reporting issues.

Several Macs in our environment have bloated inventory. The agent is reporting software from a running Windows VM as well as other partions with the Mac OS installed. The VM's as well as the other partitions do not have the KACE Agent installed nor do we need to manage them. Any suggestions to limit the inventory reporting to only the partiton the agent is installed on would be appreciated.

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3.2.2012 - IT Ninja

Hello All,


My Name is Sam Pless.  I have jsut become a Systems Admin.  THis is my first time as/with the title of sys admin.  I have ben doing tech/comptuer support for many years.  Today I got my first look at look at IT Ninja.  It look Great Bob and his team have done and are doing a good job on the site.  I currently use Spiceworks as my first scoure to get hwlp with topics I know nothing about as i am learn on what it means to be an SYS Admin.  I am now going to be useing both IT Ninja and Spiceworks to help me out. 

WIth this blogging Feature I am going to blog about my experenice on becming a Sys Admin.

Until next time


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HOW TO: Find Uninstall Strings

Here is something I came up with. Its a simple app that'll pull the uninstall strings from a remote or local computer. It does require .net 2.0 and is still under development. I'm putting it up here in the hope that it helps someone else out. 

The usage is pretty simple. There's a start button that'll get the uninstall strings. Right next to that there is a filter button. Type the name of the software you're looking for there. 

You can also select Edit -> Computer -> Remote. That'll open a box to type in the remote computer. Type the remote computer name and click go Remote.

The remote functionality requires the target machine to be running remote registry. Hint hint you can enable this with the K1 by running this as a script on the target machine. 
net start remoteregistry

Let me know what you guys think.
Here's the download link.

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HOW TO: Find User log On and Log Off Time

Here's something i came up with to find when users are logging on and off of their machines. 

First we need to create a powershell script to find the actual info (i wish i wrote this, found it on the internet):


$UserProperty = @{n="User";e={(New-Object System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier $_.ReplacementStrings[1]).Translate([System.Security.Principal.NTAccount])}}
$TypeProperty = @{n="Action";e={if($_.EventID -eq 7001) {"Logon"} else {"Logoff"}}}
$TimeProeprty = @{n="Time";e={$_.TimeGenerated}}
Get-EventLog System -Source Microsoft-Windows-Winlogon | select $UserProperty,$TypeProperty,$TimeProeprty


Save this as "get_logon_logoff.ps1"

Next create a new script in the K1000. 

Script type = Shell Script.

Upload the ps1 file as a dependency for the script.

Enter this for this script text.


IF NOT EXIST C:\windows\tvg (
mkdir c:\windows\tvg
powershell.exe -nologo -executionpolicy bypass -WindowStyle hidden -noprofile -file get_logon_logoff.ps1 > c:\windows\tvg\log.txt

Also make sure you change the script name from script.sh to script.bat.




Run this script on your test machine.

Next to actually see the information we'll create a custom inventory rule.

I called mine "Log on / Log off", but it doesn't really matter.

Whats important is the rule syntax:

ShellCommandTextReturn(cmd.exe /c type c:\windows\tvg\log.txt)

This is what it looks like when we're all done.

I hope this helps and you guys like it!

**post edit, in the script text there should only be one ">" instead of 2 (">>"). I corrected in the code but not the pic.

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