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NetSupport Inc. Announces NetSupport Manager Version 7.0, Supports Windows XP


March, 2002 -- NetSupport Inc. announces the release of NetSupport Manager version 7.0. NetSupport Manager 7 provides support for Windows XP Professional and Server providing secure and reliable remote control facilities to the XP environment.

NetSupport Manager 7 contains performance enhancements and offers the highest level of security. NSM 7 provides encryption options ranging from 56 bit Data Encryption Standard (DES) through to the recently announced 256 bit Enhanced Encryption Standard (AES). Users can set the level of encryption to find the right balance between security and performance to suit individual requirements.

NSM 7 has a bright new look, offers SMS integration, has new ActiveX control functions for remote control over the Internet and much more. NetSupport Manager 7 makes it easier and faster to access and manage your remote systems anywhere.

NetSupport Incorporated is a developer of desktop management applications. NetSupport TCO is an enterprise management suite including hardware/software inventory, software deployment, license metering, reporting, etc. NetSupport Manager provides PC remote control for help desks and telecommuting. NetSupport School enables computer lab instructors to centrally control PCs in their classroom. For more information and a free trial download, please visit www.netsupport-inc.com.

"NetSupport Manager is a powerful remote control application. It can be installed remotely to client workstations using the included utility - a convenient feature not available on most remote control software. NetSupport Manager performed very well in our lab testing, and at $99 per user license, it's an excellent value, too."

- 8wire 1/2002

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Network Computing Magazine Awards EditorÂ’s Choice to NetSupport Manager 7.0 Remote Control Software


Alpharetta, GA -- October 10, 2002 – NetSupport Inc. announced that Network Computing Magazine has awarded NetSupport Manager 7.0 its Editor's Choice honor in a comparative review of remote control software. Featured in the October 10, 2002 issue of Network Computing, NetSupport Manager 7.0 is described as “a sure thing thanks to its exceptional performance, enterprise-class deployment and manageability, and wide OS support.”

The Network Computing Real-World Labs® team in Syracuse, NY thoroughly tested NetSupport Manager against sixteen other remote control products. The review reports that “NetSupport Manager took top honors because of its excellent performance, enterprise-class deployment and manageability, and reasonable price.”

“To be chosen by one of the most respected publication testing labs in the industry is a great honor.” stated David Auwarter, CEO, NetSupport. “We are extremely proud of our continued progress in what is a highly competitive marketplace, and view this award as further indication of the value of our technology and the quality of our staff in supporting our customers.”

For the complete review, please visit: http://www.nwc.com/1321/1321f4.html or purchase the October 10, 2002 issue of Network Computing Magazine.

Created in 1989, NetSupport Manager enables administrators, help desk representatives, tech support, and telecommuters to remotely control and manage remote or networked PCs. NetSupport Manager allows busy IT personnel to take care of remote tasks without ever leaving their desks. File updates, software installations, employee training, automated tasks, server maintenance and help desk support can all be taken care of remotely from a central location. NetSupport Manager features a range of powerful, secure tools designed to deliver a complete remote PC maintenance and support solution over a LAN, WAN and the Internet.

About NetSupport, Inc.

NetSupport is based in Alpharetta, Georgia, with regional North American offices in Florida, California and Canada and is a member of the United Kingdom based PCI Group of Companies. Software products include NetSupport Manager, NetSupport School, and NetSupport TCO - supporting Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) operating systems. NetSupportÂ’s software products feature desktop management, remote control, computer lab instruction and additional functions that enable teaching, training, help desk support, telecommuting and IT management of PC Networks. For more information on NetSupport call 1-888-665-0808 or visit www.netsupport-inc.com.

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NetSupport Manager Version 8.0 Remote Control Software Launched


Alpharetta, GA—January 31, 2003 - NetSupport announces the release of NetSupport Manager (NSM) 8.0 remote control software. The award-winning application includes new features to further support desktop management in corporate, educational and government environments. Beyond industry leading remote control, NSM 8.0 now delivers a new Internet gateway for secure connectivity and an all-new inventory module. New features include:

Enhanced Hardware Inventory

Detailed system information is collected specifically about the hardware of the client PC, providing all the key information needed to assist in speedy problem resolution.

Enhanced Software Inventory

In addition to detailed reporting of each located application, NSM 8 even reports all installed hot-fixes. The detection process uses NetSupportÂ’s advanced scanning technology to locate installed applications.

System Status Reporting

NSM 8 now features real-time status information for applications in memory, processes running and installed services.

Internet Gateway

NSM 8 delivers a totally new Internet Gateway, facilitating seamless remote control between PCÂ’s that may both be located behind different firewalls. The gateway delivers a stable and secure method for locating and handshaking via http without the need for modifications to existing firewall configurations.

Delta File Transfer

NSM 8 now features enhanced support for Delta file transfer. This technology can prove most useful with updating database files between two locations where either bandwidth usage or availability is an issue.

Desktop Integration

NSM 8 integrates directly with Explorer, allowing key functionality to be launched direct from any Desktop PC icon.

Support for Linux and Mac Remote Control

NetSupport Manager 8 now features the ability to connect to and remote control a Linux or Mac based system that has a previously installed VNC (virtual network computing) client.

About NetSupport Manager

Created in 1989, NetSupport Manager features a range of powerful, secure tools designed to deliver a complete remote PC management and support solution over any LAN, WAN or the Internet.

About NetSupport

NetSupport is based in Alpharetta, GA with offices throughout North America and is a member of the United Kingdom-based PCI Group of Companies. Products include NetSupport Manager, NetSupport School and NetSupport TCO. For information on NetSupport products visit www.netsupport-inc.com or call 1-888-665-0808.

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NetSupport Manager 8.5 Releases with Active Directory Support


NetSupport Manager 8.5 released with Active Directory Support

NetSupport, Inc. announces the latest version of NetSupport Manager, the award winning remote control software solution. NetSupport Manager 8.5 offers enhanced features including support for Active Directory, secondary log server and more.

Created in 1989, NetSupport Manager features a range of powerful, secure tools designed to deliver a complete remote PC management, training and support solution over any LAN, WAN or the Internet.

NetSupport Manager was named Editor's Choice in a 16 product lab review and won Best Desktop/Mobile Management Solution by Network Computing Magazine.

For more information, please visit: http://www.netsupportsoftware.com/swiss/nsm85/whatsnew.htm

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Asset Management Software from NetSupport Offers Small to Mid-sized Businesses a Multi-function, Easy-to-use Cost Containment Tool


ALPHARETTA, GA, September 20, 2004 – According to the Stamford, CT-based research firm Gartner, Inc., IT asset management will rank as one of the top five priorities for CIOs through 2006. Until now, however, tools for inventorying and managing IT assets have remained beyond the budget of most small to mid-sized companies. With the release of NetSupport DNA 2.0, Dynamic Network Administration software, IT professionals at such organizations have an affordable, easy-to-use system for keeping IT costs in check.

“The Gartner report revealed that a majority of organizations do not have efficient ways of keeping track of their IT assets,” says Dave Auwarter, President of NetSupport. “That opens them up to dangers like system downtime from improperly implemented upgrades, potential licensing violations, poor customer service, overpaying on license fees and improper usage of software and the internet by employees. With NetSupport DNA, IT departments at small and medium-sized firms can know what hardware and software they have in place, monitor application usage, budget more accurately for upgrades, improve their in-house IT support and performance and even track Internet usage – all resulting in greater efficiency and reduced IT costs.”

The new version of NetSupport DNA 2.0 features a software distribution warehouse designed to reduce network congestion. NetSupport DNA 2.0 also includes a new application packager utility, hardware and software history, inventory for remote users and the option to manually input hardware items such as peripherals. Enhancements include expanded file search and an import and export function in the database maintenance tool.

NetSupport DNA 2.0 includes hardware and software inventory, software distribution, application and web metering, query-based reporting, a help desk component and remote control functionality. As an out-of-the-box solution for IT managers, NetSupport DNA eliminates hidden implementation and training costs.

“With just a few clicks, IT managers can learn how many computers on their network have Windows ‘98 loaded, how many users go to certain URLs and for how long, who uses which applications more than once a week, and so on,” says Auwarter. “NetSupport DNA suits the needs of IT departments that have tight budgets, less manpower and less time in which to accomplish more tasks.”

About NetSupport, Inc.

NetSupport, Inc. is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA with offices throughout the U.S. & Canada. Their portfolio of PC management products includes NetSupport Manager, School and DNA. For information on NetSupportÂ’s products and a free 30 day trial, visit www.netsupport-inc.com or call 1-888-665-0808.

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