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Competitive upgrade promotion for SMS , Tivoli, CA users.


Holton, Kansas. July 15. -- Insystek Inc., a leading provider of enterprise management solutions, today announced a special competitive upgrade promotion that will allow users to replace IBM Tivoli, Computer Associates (CA) UniCenter and Microsoft SMS with Insystek’s NSMC. 

This limited time offer allows customers to replace these products with the NSMC Software's WMI based technology that enables administrators to more efficiently manage their environments. Through October 31, 2002, qualified customers can obtain 

NSMC Software Distribution, Asset Management and Performance / Availability Monitoring, each at discounts allowing customers to upgrade to the NSMC, often less than comparable products' published annual support pricing alone. This provides you with the opportunity to take control of your network at a truly affordable price. NSMC offers enterprise-class management by providing Asset management, Software Distribution, and proactive monitoring, alerting and reporting. 

"We have come across some customers using competitive products who are very unhappy about high maintenance fees, lack of timely upgrades and a poor return on their enterprise management investment." said Alex Turner, Senior Application Architect at Insystek. “Insystek's solutions offer the latest technology and Administrators are regularly updated with innovative technology enhancements."

To take advantage of this opportunity, please visit www.Insystek.com for details.

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Critical update service enhances performance and security


Westar Energy Topeka, KS – Critical update service enhances performance and security. The use of NSMC Control Center (formerly known as Asset Management and Software Distribution) is enabling Westar Energy to ensure timely non-intrusive distribution of key security patches and system updates.

“The problem with many of the Internet Explorer security patches and service packs is they require a system restart after being applied. This creates a problem for system administrators that are trying to remotely manage their customer base. Forced reboots, even when scheduled, are at best intrusive and at worst can cause the loss of data should the end user forget and leave something open,” according to Russell Dyke. “We needed a better solution and Insystek, Inc. was quick to step up to the plate.”

The method chosen by Westar Energy employs a “Critical Updates” folder on the Start Menu that contains links to the NSMC distributed security patches and system updates. The end user can then process the patches and updates on their schedule. This allows the end user to control the timing of the system restart for their workstation. This continues the non-intrusive theme provided by NSMC, which operates without requiring a client on the target workstation.

The use of NSMC Control Center provides the asset management necessary to accurately target the workstations requiring software distribution. The NSMC integration into the Microsoft operating system provides accurate display of workstation connectivity. This along with their software distribution queuing methodology that holds scheduled distributions for workstations that are not currently connected until their next login, allows for timely and accurate software distributions.

“One of the features we were pleasantly surprised with was the ability to perform ‘checkpoint restart’.” This is a built-in feature for the NSMC Scheduler service providing for automatic restart from point of failure should the service loose connectivity or need to be restarted. “This feature allowed us to maximize the throughput on the NSMC Scheduler service without having to worry about overloading and having to start over from scratch.”

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NSMC - European Reseller


HOLTON, KS., - Oct. 22, 2002 - Insystek, Inc. , today announced UKN Group of London, England has joined Insystek's Authorized Reseller Program as a Premier member. UKN Group is working directly with Insystek, a provider of enterprise systems management, to extend the availability of the NSMC Product Family to customers in Europe allowing them to to monitor systems, applications for performance and availability, in addition to System Inventory and Software Distribution. UKN and Insystek also plan to participate in , joint sales and marketing efforts. Insystek's NSMC products provide companies to manage their entire windows enterprise from a central console.

About UKN Group

UKN Group is a leading European information technology (IT) services Company. They provide the right strategies, solutions, services, and products for many clients; They work with global organizations of every type and size across Europe.

"We help our customers with the choice of technology, its procurement, tailored configuration, testing and integration. We can then ensure continued efficient, cost effective performance through our range of professional and managed services"

About Insystek

Insystek provides affordable solutions for enterprise management and monitoring. Our customers include government agencies, small and medium businesses that rely on the NSMC daily to track, manage and monitor remote desktops and servers. Insystek's non-invasive approach to inventory management, software distribution and system monitoring is unparalleled in the industry. Insystek helps corporations monitor workstations and servers, locate lease returns and provide clear accurate inventory data. Insystek's solutions simplify the management of software licenses, computer leases, machine configuration, PC retirement, device allocation, and is an indispensable tool to support helpdesk teams.

Founded in 1999, Insystek is currently headquartered in Holton, Kansas, with resellers in the United States and Europe.

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Westar Energy Deploys Critical Updates Using NSMC Software Distribution


Topeka, KS – Westar Energy recently completed an enterprise wide critical update software distribution using Insystek, Inc.’s NSMC. The critical update consisted of service pack 6a for Windows NT and service pack 3 for Windows 2000 Professional as well as other smaller security patches. The size of the software distribution exceeded 250 MB to each of the 1,100 + workstations in their enterprise.

The software distribution queuing process used by NSMC allowed for a better than 97% successful distribution rate. The remaining less than three percent of the workstations were either never powered on within the environment, returned to inventory since the initiation of the software distribution, or had a configuration problem that required a technician to resolve.

Westar Energy officials were extremely pleased with the results, given the massive size of the distribution itself and the extremely high success rate. The most amazing part of the success is NSMC was able to perform all of this without any client code on the target workstations. The NSMC product suite is able to accomplish asset management, system monitoring, and software distribution by leveraging technology built into the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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NSMC - Insystek Inc, Announces Educational Pricing


Insystek Inc, makers of the NSMC product suite, receives numerous requests from colleges and universities who want to use the NSMC in their environments. The goal of the NSMC educational pricing program is to make the NSMC product suite available to educational institutions world wide, while at the same time providing technical support for the product. To meet these goals, Insystek and our resellers work in partnership to make the educational pricing program available to educational institutions.

Educational pricing for the NSMC is extremely simple and inexpensive. The NSMC product suite is free to universities and educational institutions, with a signed three maintenance agreement. The educational product is a full commercial license for the latest version of the product without any restrictions on the capabilities or features of the product.

To receive educational pricing, the educational institution designates one person who works with the NSMC to sponsor and be the technical liaison:

The sponsor is the person who requests educational pricing from Insystek Inc and manages the relationship. The sponsor is also in charge of making sure that the product has a valid license count.

The technical liaison is the person who handles all technical support questions for the educational institution. This structure ensures that repeated or inappropriate questions from the educational institution do not overwhelm the Insystek Inc technical support department.

To receive educational pricing, the sponsor contacts Insystek Inc by phone or email and establishes an educational account. After determining who will act as the sponsor and technical liaison and signing the Educational License Agreement, the sponsor receives the NSMC and associated documentation.

To take advantage of the NSMC educational program, take the following steps:

Determine who will act as the sponsor and the technical liaison for the program

Have the sponsor contract Insystek Inc to create an educational account

Sign the Educational License Agreement.

Download and install the software

Ask technical support questions through the technical liaison

Educational Pricing Quote

If you are interested in obtaining an educational pricing quote for the NSMC product suite, please contact Insystek Inc at NSMC@Insystek.com so that we may provide the appropriate pricing and purchasing information.

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