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Removing iSync icon from menu bar

Have you upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, migrated from MobileMe to iCloud, and are now stuck with a Sync icon in your menu bar?  It doesn't seem to have any options for being removed.  Even Alt-Clicking the icon doesn't present a way to remove it.  You could Control drag it out, but I have read others found this deleted the sync settings from AddressBook.  Instead, go to System Preferences, enter MobileMe preference pane and sign out.  This will result in the icon being removed from the menu bar.

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Change iTunes/iCloud/App Store old E-mail Account

AppleID 'Just works'

Until it doesn't...

Right now I'm dealing with my Father, like so many before him, with the inevitable issue of a changed Email address. The problem resides with old Apple devices set up with the old iTunes/iCloud email account that doesn't automatically update to the new AppleID when changed. 
For example, we have one iPad setup with family@oldmail.com which has been transitioned to family@newmail.com. This worked honky-dory until updates became an issue as of tonight. TVNZ OnDemand had a big update to enable streaming of New Zealand TV Shows and newer content (This app is equivalent of poor-mans Netflix). As such THE IPAD NEEDS IT NOW!! (Like all clients, right sysadmins?)

And of course no-one seems to understand these steps when you tell them how to fix it. Why? 
Because it's daft that such a system that syncs magically over the air can't manage to change the ID to an account when it's changed or updated... 
The best part about this is you can't remove the old account until you log in as well... 

How to fix old linked AppleIDs step by step:

De-register the new AppleID

Yes.. That's right.. You have to go back to your old ID..

  • Head over to My Apple ID
  • Click on 'Manage your Apple ID'

  • Sign in with your new email address/current Apple ID
  • Change/update your password as needed if asked
  • When My Apple ID screen comes up, click 'edit' under 'Apple ID and Current Email'

  • Enter in your old AppleID/Old Email address and click save i.e. family@oldmail.com
  • Don't worry about the verification email as it won't matter.

De-register old AppleID on old devices

  • For each device with the old user name go to Settings > iCloud
  • Scroll right down the bottom and press 'Sign Out'
  • If asked sign out with your old email (family@oldmail.com) 
  • Use your current password (password for AppleID: family@newmail.com)

  • Go back to Settings, and go into iTunes & App Store
  • Press on your AppleID at the top of the page
  • Press 'Sign Out'
  • If asked sign out with your old email (family@oldmail.com) 
  • Use your current password (password for AppleID: family@newmail.com)

Register 'New' AppleID Email

  • If you've signed out, log back into My Apple ID 
    • If asked you will have to use family@oldmail.com
  • Again, click on 'edit' for primary email, and change it to the 'new-old' email address i.e. family@newmail.com
  • Click save
  • Check your new email address for the verification email from apple
  • Click on the link to verify the 'new' Email address account

Register New AppleID on old devices

  • For each device which you have de-registered your old account
  • Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store
  • Log in with family@newmail.com
  • Use current password
  • Go back to Settings, then go into Settings > iCloud
  • Log in with family@newmail.com
  • Use current password
Congratulations, You've now moved your old device's AppleID to the new current AppleID or email that you call home.
Hope this helps...

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