Wise Solutions Launches TeamAdvantage Strategic Partner Program


PLYMOUTH, MI, May 2, 2002 - Wise announces the launch of their expanded, comprehensive strategic partner program, TeamAdvantage. The program offers many flexible options for a wide range of partners, designed to ultimately bring financial return to Wise Solutions, partners and customers.

Wise realizes in the global economy partnerships are essential for growth. Partnerships are a great way to reach potential customers and bring the best products and services to anyone, anywhere. The TeamAdvantage program offers partnering options tailored to a companies' line of business, including:

-- Consulting Partners, who expand their offerings with Wise products and support

-- Packaging Partners, who use Wise packaging products and partner support

-- Development Partners who integrate their products with Wise's industry-leading technology

Partners enjoy a personal, productive, partner relationship, with enhanced technical support, training, revenue participation, product management support, product development services, joint sales and marketing activities, and beta product access.

By partnering with Wise, organizations can have the leading application installation and packaging solutions integrated into their products, freeing them to focus on their areas of expertise and subsequently reducing costs. Partners aren't the only ones who benefit from the Wise TeamAdvantage program. Customers also benefit in many ways.

For Wise customers, application management is the heart of their business. This requires products and services from various companies to work together seamlessly. With TeamAdvantage partnerships, Wise adds measurable value by shortening application deployment cycles, reducing total cost of application and desktop ownership, and ensuring the vendors a company works with provide optimal results.

"A successful global business must build more than great products; it must also build strong relationships," said Robert Halsey, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Wise. "Outside of the relationships it has with its customers, the most important relationships a company can have are with its partners. At Wise, we have worked hard to build a flexible, feature-rich and financially rewarding program that will forge lasting relationships with our partners."

For information about joining the TeamAdvantage program, contact Robert Halsey at Wise Solutions, (734) 456-2100, or e-mail stratpartners@wise.com.


Wise Solutions, Incorporated, is the leading provider of application installation and management software and services. With global headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan; and regional sales and professional services offices in Washington, DC; Redmond, Washington; and the Netherlands, Wise provides installation and management solutions, training, and consulting services to customers worldwide.

Wise's corporate solutions, including the award-winning Wise Package Studio, help system administrators solve their application installation and management problems. The company's unmatched expertise in the installation market and experience helping companies deploy applications is the basis for their renowned products and services. Learn more about Wise Solutions on the Web at www.wise.com.

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InstallShield® Announces Innovative Value Pack Strategy to Address Ongoing Needs of Systems Administrators


LAS VEGAS, April 30, 2002 – Continuing its commitment to meeting the rapidly evolving needs of today’s systems administrators, InstallShield® Software Corporation, the acknowledged leader in software distribution and deployment solutions, today announced a new product update strategy at the Microsoft Management Summit, being held in Las Vegas from April 29 - May 3, 2002. InstallShield unveiled the AdminStudio 3.0 Value Pack for its AdminStudio 3.0 pre-deployment configuration solution. The new Value Pack strategy will enable customers to gain critical features and functionality as they are developed – without waiting for formal product releases.

The first AdminStudio Value Pack is available immediately and provides key enhancements to AdminStudioÂ’s conflict resolution and application isolation capabilities. The Value Pack is available to all existing users of AdminStudio 3.0 or higher at no charge.

“Today’s enterprise systems administrators are a dynamic group of customers with rapidly changing needs; therefore, we needed to develop a product update strategy that fit within their unique profile,” said Viresh Bhatia, CEO of InstallShield. “The Value Packs allow us to quickly react to market trends and significantly reduce time to market of the key features and functionality our customers require.”

Improved Application Isolation

The AdminStudio Value Pack introduces significant enhancements to AdminStudio’s Isolator™ technology, providing administrators with enhanced usability and built-in dependency scanning capabilities. The Value Pack also enables .local isolation when targeting operating systems released prior to Windows XP. For organizations with multiple levels of administrators, the Value Pack also provides “lead" administrators with the ability to pre-configure many of the settings within the Application Isolation Wizard™ via a configuration file. This enhanced customization capability is consistent with other tools and the functionality within the AdminStudio suite and is designed to ensure that corporate best practices are followed regularly.

Streamlined Conflict Resolution

The latest Value Pack also delivers powerful new conflict resolution capabilities designed to streamline the resolution process and save enterprises’ significant time and money. AdminStudio’s enhanced ConflictSolver™ now enables grouping of applications by department or business unit – eliminating the need to check an individual department’s set of applications against the company’s entire application portfolio. Instead, administrators have the ability to classify applications by running diagnostics and resolving conflicts based on a specific set of users.

“The additional capabilities offered by the Value Pack illustrate why this strategy makes sense. Many of our customers simply couldn’t afford to wait until the next release to begin using the enhanced conflict and application isolation capabilities – with Value Packs, they won’t have to,” added Bhatia.

About AdminStudio

AdminStudio is a completely integrated pre-deployment configuration solution for systems administrators who repackage, customize, and resolve application conflicts before deploying to the corporate enterprise. AdminStudio provides an easy-to-use wizard-driven interface to quickly handle complex applications and the otherwise labor-intensive requirements of packaging software into the Windows Installer (MSI) format for use on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Value Pack Availability/AdminStudio Pricing

The InstallShield AdminStudio 3.0 Value Pack is available immediately. All existing InstallShield AdminStudio 3.0 customers can obtain the Value Pack, at no charge, directly from within the product. Customers simply click the “Check for Updates” button under the Help menu and the complete Value Pack is immediately delivered and installed via the InstallShield Update Service. InstallShield AdminStudio 3.0 Professional is available for $2,899. AdminStudio can be evaluated and ordered from www.installshield.com/isas, or by calling (847) 240-9111 or (800) 374-4353. It is also available through a network of US and international authorized resellers and distributors worldwide. InstallShield offers comprehensive Professional Services including Windows 2000/Windows XP Application Migration, Installation Consulting, and Training. For more information, visit www.installshield.com/consulting/overview.asp.

About InstallShield Software Corp.

With worldwide headquarters outside of Chicago in Schaumburg, Ill., InstallShield Software Corp. is the acknowledged leader in software-distribution and software-deployment solutions for independent software vendors and corporate IT systems administrators. InstallShield technology powers deployment for the top 100 independent software vendors and is used by more than 200,000 corporate and commercial software developers and systems administrators worldwide. InstallShield also has European headquarters based in Bristol, England. For more information, visit www.installshield.com.

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Customized approach to license management reduces IT costs: ManageSoft 6.1, just released, incorporates powerful new user options


ManageSoft Corporation, a world leader in corporate software management solutions, today announced the immediate availability of an innovative software license management solution for large organizations. The announcement confirms the company's continued commitment to product innovation.

"In a changing business environment where mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs are increasingly common, it is vital that businesses effectively manage the legalities of different software vendor license agreements," said Walter Elliot, ManageSoft Corp CEO. "ManageSoft enables IT managers to wipe out the inefficiencies that cost many organizations millions of dollars in unused, lost, or incorrectly deployed licenses. The bottom line is that you need to reduce future software license requirements AND use existing software licenses efficiently. ManageSoft does both."

ManageSoft 6.1 reduces future software license requirements by enabling organizations to carefully target software distribution to specific groups of end-users and computers. For example, a finance application could be allocated to finance employees in an individual office (or even an individual floor). Unlike competitive solutions, ManageSoft 6.1 also enables administrators to specify whether particular software is 'mandatory' or 'optional'. ManageSoft automatically distributes and installs 'mandatory' software for the entire targeted groups (including users connecting across the Internet). 'Optional' software is not installed but is instead added to a personalized list of applications that end-users in the targeted groups can select from. Organizations can also customize the end-user interface to include company-specific software categories - 'sales force software', for example.

"With ManageSoft 6.1 end-users anywhere in the world can view a personalized list of available optional software, and all mandatory software installed on their individual computers," said Elliot. "This highly accurate targeting avoids wasting software licenses on end-users that will never use a particular application." ManageSoft automatically installs any optional software that the end-user selects -- and then automatically keeps it up to date.

ManageSoft 6.1 also enables efficient management of existing software licenses. It combines automatic detection of software installed on every computer throughout an organization with powerful minute-by-minute graphical reporting in a central software warehouse. Up-to-the-minute company summaries and individual business unit reports provide administrators with precise inventory data for license negotiations with software vendors. Automatic license breach alerts enable administrators to avoid costly license breaches. Easy allocation, and reallocation, of existing licenses across multiple business units enables efficient use of existing licenses. It also enables accurate charge-back of license costs to individual business units.

ManageSoft 6.1 is available now from ManageSoft Corporation and a range of Accredited ManageSoft Partners including Siemens Business Services, Scalable Software, BV Solutions Group, and Computer Resource Visions (an authorized US federal government supplier: GSA GS-35F-0637K).

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Wise Solutions and Intrinsic Announce Partnership


PLYMOUTH, MI, April 29, 2002 - Wise Solutions expands their world-class TeamAdvantage partner program by selecting Intrinsic Technologies as a charter Consulting Partner. Intrinsic offers enterprise-level expertise in desktop, application and server management as well as directory services, and provides a full range of assessment, design, implementation and management services. The combination of expertise, experience and stellar reputation in the marketplace, make Intrinsic the ideal partner choice.

Wise Solutions and Intrinsic have had many joint customers over the years. The level of technical expertise, customer care and professionalism inherent in Wise products and services and each Intrinsic consulting engagement makes the partnership a perfect fit. This partnership creates great business opportunities for both companies and expanded offerings for customers.

"When choosing a partner, your customers trust the partner is as strong as you are," said Robert Halsey, Director of Strategic Alliances for Wise. "Partner opportunities must be a step forward for both organizations. That is why I am so pleased to announce the Wise-Intrinsic alliance. Partnering with Intrinsic is good business for Wise and a great value for our customers."

According to Alan Batson, Consulting Practice Manager for Intrinsic, "Wise's TeamAdvantage strategic partner program offers opportunities for consulting organizations to better leverage Wise's outstanding tools and people to better serve our mutual clients. We are excited and honored to be the charter member of this program."

The program includes substantial support, education and sales benefits for partnering companies and their customers. For more information, visit www.wise.com/strategic_partners.asp.

About Wise Solutions

Wise Solutions, Incorporated, is the leading provider of application installation and management software and services. With global headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan; and regional sales and professional services offices in Washington, DC; Redmond, Washington; and the Netherlands, Wise provides installation and management solutions, training, and consulting services to customers worldwide.

Wise corporate solutions, including the award-winning Wise Package Studio, help system administrators solve their application installation and management problems. Wise's unmatched expertise in the installation market and experience helping companies deploy applications is the basis for the company's renowned products and services. Learn more about Wise Solutions on the Web at www.wise.com.

About Intrinsic

Intrinsic Technologies, L.L.C. is a leading national consulting company for systems management, helping enterprises leverage technology to gain a business advantage. Intrinsic consultants offer the highest level of technical knowledge coupled with business acumen to answer challenges inherent in complex, distributed computing environments such as desktop standardization, software distribution, application packaging, directory services and operations management. Headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, Intrinsic's clients include many Fortune 500 companies. Learn more about Intrinsic by calling (630) 769-4111, via e-mail at inquiry@intrinsic.net or at its Web site at www.intrinsic.net.

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Unisys Selects Marimba to Reduce Administrative Costs and Improve End-User Quality of Service


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., - April 25, 2002 - Marimba, Inc. (Nasdaq: MRBA), the Software Change Management Company, today announced that Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) will utilize Marimba’s Desktop/Mobile Management products to distribute and manage software across more than 40,000 desktop and mobile computers worldwide. Unisys will rely on Marimba® technology to distribute software and software updates, media files, and collect hardware and software inventory data – all in an effort to reduce IT administrative costs, while improving its quality of service.

Reliable Software Distribution

Unisys was challenged with having to perform software updates to a geographically and technologically diverse set of end-users. Marimba was chosen to provide the change management solution to satisfy Unisys management needs and be deployed in as fast as three months.

“Reliable software distribution is not a new problem. However, the amount of applications such as virus protection, need to be updated more frequently and in a timely manner,” said Dave Gardiner, vice president of technology & architecture at Unisys Corporation. “We have users on all operating systems located throughout the world with all types of network connectivity. At the same time, the need to provide our end-users with software and updates in a controlled and deterministic fashion is continually growing. Using Marimba’s Desktop/Mobile Management products, we can reach all of our users quickly and reliably.”

Accurate, Non-Intrusive Inventory Collection

The same constraints that make software distribution a challenge also impact UnisysÂ’ ability to obtain an accurate view of their hardware and software inventory. One important requirement was the ability to perform frequent inventory collections without disrupting users or consuming large amounts of corporate bandwidth.

“Ultimately, we envision a system where software distributions are governed by a consolidated license availability database,” said Adrian Smith, software contracts manager, Unisys. “The first step is to obtain an accurate view of licenses in use. Marimba’s inventory technology will provide us with a timely, accurate view of our hardware and software inventory without burdening or slowing down our end-users.”

The open and extensible nature of MarimbaÂ’s Inventory module and its back-end database are important to Unisys in meeting its licensing management goals. The collected inventory data will be used to reconcile license counts and detect inactive licenses to limit unnecessary software licensing expenses. By collecting extensive hardware and software inventory data, the Unisys IT organization can gain greater control of its desktop and laptop systems, thereby lowering its cost of ownership.

Network-Friendly Operation

Tom Tribble, director of architecture at Unisys Corporation, cited MarimbaÂ’s lightweight, scalable infrastructure and bandwidth management capabilities were critical considerations in Unisys evaluation of MarimbaÂ’s software. With MarimbaÂ’s Desktop/Mobile Management products, Unisys administrators will be able to control the maximum amount of bandwidth used for software distributions and inventory management. By setting a hard limit or percentage limit on bandwidth consumed, administrators can help ensure that the performance of other applications using the network are not affected by application downloads.

“Unisys’ corporate network is widely distributed and efficiently managed, with no excess bandwidth,” said Dave Frymier, director of infrastructure engineering at Unisys Corporation. “Therefore, it’s important to us that our desktop and mobile management tool works in a network-friendly manner. Marimba’s solution is a good fit because it will allow us to provide a very high level of service to our users without requiring any network upgrades.”

About Unisys

Unisys is a worldwide information technology services and solutions company whose 39,000 people help clients in more than 100 countries utilize technology to seize opportunities, overcome challenges and succeed in the global economy. The company offers a rich portfolio of business solutions led by its expertise in consulting and systems integration, outsourcing, network services and security, coupled with leading enterprise-class server and related technologies. Primary vertical markets for Unisys worldwide are the financial services, transportation, communications, media, commercial and public sectors, including U.S. federal government customers. For more information on the company, access the Unisys home page on the World Wide Web at www.unisys.com. Investor information can be found at www.unisys.com/investor.

About Marimba

Marimba, Inc., the Software Change Management Company, is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. MarimbaÂ’s Desktop/Mobile Management, Server Management, and Embedded Management product families allow Global 2000 companies to better manage their IT resources, increase operational efficiency and reduce IT costs. Additional information is available on the Internet at www.marimba.com.

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