FileStream, Inc. Ships InstallConstruct 5.0


New York, NY, July 15, 2002 - FileStream, Inc. announced today the shipment of InstallConstruct v5.0, which offers significantly enhanced capabilities for creating and distributing content and software across a networked environment. This new release offers additional enhancements, such as Dynamic Folder Input and Individualized Password Protection.

“This is our fourth year since first releasing InstallConstruct,” according to Dr. Yao H. Chu, CEO of FileStream, Inc., “InstallConstruct is known for its sophistication, yet ease of use. It is a Point and Click Wizard style program for creating installers at a fraction of the cost of other installer programs. Significantly, many users have adopted InstallConstruct not only for deploying their products, but also for delivering their data-intensive content. Its automated package creation, updating features, and delivery capabilities have made it an extremely cost effective content distribution solution.”

“One of the biggest oversights of people first looking at InstallConstruct is its ability to efficiently move vast sources of data to a variety of in-house, or online, destinations. This is not an application only for developers...it has a tremendous inherent value to any business or organization.” said Larry McJunkin, VP Operations, WUGNET Publications, Inc., a strategic marketing and distribution partner for FileStream, Inc.

InstallConstruct v5.0 lets you create packages with the option to reference source files and folders across your network using UNC (Universal Naming Convention) without being limited only to mapped network drives. Additionally, this new release allows you to include UNC reference in the package to copy files to, or to create shortcuts, referencing other computers on the network.

InstallConstruct automatically saves each step of the design-work as a package script file (*.adx). These script files save users from the repetitive task of creating other similar packages and updating existing packages manually. They also support command line batch processing in unattended operation so they can be created automatically, without any user prompts!

InstallConstruct v5.0 provides an additional capability to dynamically include all files in a folder. This new feature is especially useful when you want to automatically include all files in a folder with a variable file list. The latest release also lets you append an individualized password to the InstallConstruct Silent Script file.

InstallConstruct provides international language support so the users can distribute packages worldwide. Included with the program are free sample language scripts for English, Czech, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

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WinINSTALL™ and OnDemand Software Reunited


BONITA SPRINGS, FL, JULY 10, 2002 - (http://www.ondemandsoftware.com) On June 28, 2002 VERITAS Software announced the spin-off of the WinINSTALL™ product family, the world’s leading software distribution product, to OnDemand Software, Inc. VERITAS will maintain an equity stake in OnDemand and will work closely with OnDemand to maintain customer satisfaction and market leadership.

In 1994 OnDemand led WinINSTALL™ to prominence and has been re-launched to guide the direction of WinINSTALL™. WinINSTALL™ will continue to address some of the largest IT problems that still exist today, including the issues surrounding packaging installations and installing applications on corporate network desktops.

The change and configuration management market is estimated by analysts, such as IDC, to be a billion dollar market and growing significantly over the next few years.

In the terms of the spin-off, OnDemand will take over all sales and marketing activities as well as development, technical support, training and professional services efforts for the WinINSTALL™ product family. Customers and channel partners will benefit from the original executive team members that were with OnDemand in the past and that have extensive knowledge of the network management market. The entire VERITAS WinINSTALL™ development team will now continue with OnDemand as well as members of the technical support and professional services teams. This continuity will allow OnDemand to maintain a high level of customer service.

OnDemand will operate a 100% channel sales and marketing operation building on a worldwide channel of distributors, resellers, VARs and OEM partners that continue to market and sell WinINSTALL™ worldwide. “Not only are we excited about having WinINSTALL™ back in the OnDemand family, we’re very excited about working with all of the WinINSTALL™ channel partners worldwide,” says Jack Palmer, OnDemand CEO. Palmer also adds, “The opportunity for growth in the client change and configuration management market is great.” Mel Raff, the author of WinINSTALL™ will continue to lead all product development operations, Steve Campbell will lead all company finance and corporate operations and Bill Somerville will lead development research and all IT functions. Raff, Campbell, Somerville and Palmer were all executives with the original OnDemand. The company’s new headquarters are in Bonita Springs, FL with additional offices in Takoma Park, MD and Arroyo Grande, CA.

About the WinINSTALL™ Product Family

WinINSTALL™ is used by over 5,000 companies worldwide and currently supports millions of corporate desktops. A light version of WinINSTALL™ was selected by Microsoft as the re-packager for Windows 2000 and has been integrated with many of the leading network management platforms such as Microsoft SMS, CA Unicenter, and IBM Tivoli. It is one of the only client change management products that looks at software distribution from not just a packager and installation deployment concept, but from the management of how to build software installation packages and patches, how to install them and how to manage the success or failure of those installations once the change has taken place at the desktop. All of these functions take place from a single console, something not found in any other product today. “Exciting new features for WinINSTALL™ are under development that will continue to help IT professionals solve the problems that they face when introducing change to networked desktops while providing a huge return on investment and a reduced total cost of ownership associated with maintaining corporate desktops,” says Mel Raff. “This is an exciting market and an exciting time to continue to build products that are so needed,” says Raff.

More information on the WinINSTALL™ product family and OnDemand Software, Inc. can be found at www.ondemandsoftware.com or by calling 239/495-0541. Resellers may receive information on reseller programs and pricing by calling 239/495-0541 or e-mail sales@ondemandsoftware.com.

About OnDemand Software, Inc.

OnDemand Software, Inc. was originally established in 1994 as the developer and marketer of the WinINSTALL™ product family. In 1996, Seagate Software acquired OnDemand Software, which included the WinINSTALL™ product family and team. In 1999 VERITAS Software purchased Seagate Software.

The original OnDemand executive team, many whom came from VERITAS have formed a new company, again called OnDemand Software. The entire WinINSTALL™ product development team and many of the support and professional services teams have been retained.

OnDemand is committed to continuing the WinINSTALL™ product family’s leadership role in the software distribution and change management market. VERITAS will maintain an equity stake in OnDemand and will work closely with OnDemand to maintain customer satisfaction and market leadership.

Over 5000 companies worldwide, supporting approximately 25,000,000 desktops use the WinINSTALL™ product. OnDemand plans to bring a renewed focus to the WinINSTALL™ product family and distribution channel marketplace.

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Senator Wellstone Sponsors Lanovation for Participation in the Small Business Homeland Security Expo



Radiem System to be promoted to members of U.S. Congress and federal procurement officials in a directory to be distributed at the Small Business Homeland Security Expo

Lanovation(R) Inc., maker of best-of-breed solutions for software deployment and real-time monitoring and control for remote equipment, announced today it will be included in a directory of homeland security products to be distributed at the Small Business Homeland Security Expo in Washington D.C. on July 10th, 2002. Lanovation's Radiem(R) System, which can be used to monitor and control remote equipment in homeland security applications, was chosen for its ingenuity and ability to support America's homeland security.

To be considered for participation, organizations had to be sponsored by a member of the United States Congress. Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota nominated Lanovation for inclusion in the event. A letter to Lanovation from Senator Wellstone announcing inclusion in the directory stated, "Your research, products and technologies are critically important to our economy and our nation."

The directory will be used to educate U.S. Congress and procurement representatives in the federal agencies on products currently being developed and produced in the private marketplace that will help efforts to protect our homeland.

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the federal government reached out to business leaders across the nation seeking information about products and innovative ideas that could play an important role in protecting our borders, citizens and way of life. Co-chaired by U.S. Senators John F. Kerry and Christopher S. Bond, the Expo was created to inform the federal government about products and innovative ideas that lend to the security and defense of the United States at this crucial juncture of our history.

About Radiem

Radiem is a comprehensive, cost-effective system for real-time monitoring and control of remote equipment. Equipped with online, real-time access to their remote equipment, companies can use that information to make critical business decisions that can boost revenues, provide a competitive advantage, improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

About the Public Forum Institute

The Public Forum Institute is coordinating the Small Business Homeland Security Expo as part of a series of activities on small businesses. For more information about the Expo or the Forum, please visit www.publicforuminstitute.org.

About Lanovation

Since the company's founding in 1985, the corporate mission at Lanovation has remained the same: to make complex technology simple, provide unequaled customer support and to be a good corporate citizen.

Lanovation identifies practical opportunities in leading edge technology and brings them to reality. Located in Minneapolis, MN, Lanovation products are sold worldwide direct or through key distribution partnerships. For more information, please visit our Web site at www.lanovation.com or call (800) 747-4487.

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Service Provider: AimNet Solutions

AimNet Solutions

Norwalk, CT
Service Provided
AimNet SolutionsÂ’ consultants and engineers offer clients a full lifecycle of network professional services and managed network services.
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Service Provider: Nextproject


San Jose, CA & Mumbai, India
Service Provided
Nextproject provides comprehensive service driven deployment solutions for collaborative e-business applications operating across your enterprise and beyond.
Service Area
We currently operate out of two locations: San Jose, CA and Mumbai, India.
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