AppDeploy FAQ

Why did the name change?
AppDeploy was a great name and we intend to keep that spirit (and of course content) alive here, but it did serve to limit the scope of the topics covered to be largely deployment related. While we know ITNinja is starting as the premiere place for deployment content, and will continue to foster those valuable discussions, our hope is to provide a platform for a more broad discussion to include all things of interest to the IT professional.

What happened to my old user account?
It has been migrated here to ITNinja. Your same username and password will get you logged in and we've moved all content. Not only will you find that nothing is missing, but the new site will prove much easier to use and feature-rich.

What happened to the content I created there?
Everything was migrated including discussion threads, package knowledge base entries, msi error database entries, downloads, and tips. See below for where these things ended up and what they are worth to your account in terms of reputation points.

Where do I find where all the AppDeploy stuff went?

All videos, reviews, articles, and other static content that was hosted on AppDeploy have been migrated to blog posts here at ITNinja. For specific content, please select any of the following links:

The Message Board and MSI Error features of AppDeploy have been migrated to a new Q&A system. Read more about how to use this new Q&A system, or see a list of message board posts that were migrated to this new system.

The Package Knowledge Base, Software Knowledge Base, Tools, and Download features of AppDeploy have been merged to combine all software deployment details, general information, and associated content into a single view. See a list of software entries and those that include deployment details.

How has the message board content been migrated to the current Q&A system?
Message board content has been migrated to ITNinja as Q&A entries, but with slightly adjusted functionality. A Q&A system is intended to serve as a place to submit multiple answers to a given question on which people may vote on what answer they think is best. The older AppDeploy message board content often started as a question but responses to the thread represent a linear conversation as opposed to individual responses to a question. As a result, migrated AppDeploy forum content does not change the display order of responses when voted upon. Whereas, new ITNinja questions will re-sort responses as they are voted upon so that the highest rated response is on top and the remaining appear in descending order by vote score.

Do I get credit for my contributions to AppDeploy?
Definitely! We are happy to say that not only is a special patch provided for those that had AppDeploy accounts, but as part of the data migration, accounts are being credited for their contributions to AppDeploy. The calculations used to determine your starting ITNinja points were based on a curve to be as fair as possible. Check your user profile to see your current score and belt level! To learn more about the reputation system here at ITNinja, visit the Ninja Points FAQ.

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