When using the Driver Feed for XP, after it finishes copying the drivers using XCopy, whatever the next step is I'm not sure (not having access to the actual script) but it displays the following error, and deployment does not continue until we click OK:

Error Title: "AutoIt Error"

Error Message: "Line 2048 (File "Y:\applications\42\contents\driver_feed_mid_task.exe"): Error Variable used without being declared"

Does anyone know what this error is? As mentioned I don't know what is on line 2048 so not sure what it's trying to do. Once we click OK deployment continues and I believe drivers install so not sure what the issue is but the main problem for me is that clicking OK to clear the error is a manual step.



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Make sure you are using the latest version of the driverfeed workaround, which should have the items .zipped and calling a .bat file.

If that still doesn't work, please add the /debug switch to the task.  Then tell me the last dialog that appeared before the error, this will help me find the undeclared variable.

Lastly, another workaround if running 3.4, would be to create a mid-level .bat task with the commandline:


This is the same file that runs automatically with Scripted Installs.  Of course you still need the PO task to install drivers.

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Answered 08/06/2012 by: cserrins
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  • I just updated the task with a new version where this issue should be resolved, I looked for all the variables and made sure they were declared. I then used the:
    Which means it shouldn't run unless all variables are declared and it did run for me.
    So...update to the latest version by downloading again.


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  • Thanks mate, I re-downloaded the driver feed task and it worked beautifully! Cheers.
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Do you have all the task zipped and running as a post install? Then call the bat file in your command line.

  1. driver_feed_mid_task.bat
  2. driver_feed_mid_task.exe
  3. driver_feed_mid_task_x64.exe

Also this uses DISM not xcopy. 

Answered 08/06/2012 by: dugullett
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  • Actually, with XP, xcopy is used because DISM doesn't work on xp. So we copy the files over to the workstation, then we have a PO task that uses dpinst to scan that folder for drivers.

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Variable used without being declared

this seems pretty self-explanatory to me... make sure all variables you use in that line have been declared in advance.

Answered 08/06/2012 by: pjgeutjens
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  • Thanks but this is all from the Driver Feed tool download from the KACE site. I don't know what is in that line as I didn't create the file. So although I understand that part of the error, I have no clue what variable its referring to. I was hoping someone has had the issue before and knows how to rectify it.

  • ah, my bad, then I'll leave you to those more knowledgable about KACE
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On your workstation, do a \\ikbox\peinst and login as admin (or .\admin) with the password set in the k2000 for driver/restore box.    navigate to the applications\42\..... and have a look to see what is being called.  use 7zip to look at exe

Answered 08/06/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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