I would like to create a field in the ticket overview that reports back who last updated/commented on the ticket. 

This would be helpful for us to be able to, at a glimpse, see if an end user is awaiting a response.

I don't, however, know where to start with this task. Thoughts?

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  • You would need to create a custom field that will hold the last updater information and then create a custom ticket rule that would populate the field on save. Do you have experience with creating custom fields or with SQL?
    • Hey Chuck,

      Thanks for your response. I have done some custom fields in the Configuration and Customization tab. I have limited experience with SQL, but I am willing to research and learn what would be necessary there.

      When I go to the Custom Fields area in Configuration, I have Field "CUSTOM_4" available. However, when I edit and try and select a Field Type, I don't know where else to go.

      Any advise or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help!
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