I have a batch file that runs number of msiexec /x commands and then lunches few exe’s. I am thinking creating an exe is better way to go about then a batch file. With wise scripting it would be an easy task. Can this be done with IS?


Thank you.


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Damn..  VBScab is sooo right ;-)

anyways, if your batch tries to UNINSTALL (/x) a couple of MSI's , you can also use an MSI to uninstall them by populating the Upgrade table ( and some more info)


Step 1 .. Check if the EXE installers are actually MSI's?

Step 2... If legacy installers ( setup.exe) then repackage them all in one pass.

Step 3... Add the "Upgrade" information  so that your new MSI will first uninstall all the products that needs to be uninstalled and secondly install your new MSI...




Answered 12/11/2012 by: jaybee96
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  • AND YES, this can be done with Installshield ;-)
  • I can not use an upgrade table. If plugin in not uninstalled before office upgrade the office installer will fail. I need to clean up before. I asked a very direct question. Is there a tool in IS that gives you ability to script same way wise script does? If i am running the uninstall strings from the batch file then i do know what they are and dont need your meaning step 1 and step 2. But thank you for taking your time and writing it up!!!
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Yes you can do that using Wise Script. For that select run program in each row and pass your msiexec /X parameters.


Answered 12/10/2012 by: ontari.ontari
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  • thank you. I know how to do it in wise script. My question was if there is something similar in IS????
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Please explain how using an EXE versus a command file confers any advantage (other than adding an hour or so to your consultancy )?

...and then explain the rationale behind letting loose vendor EXEs on your client's estate without repackaging.

Answered 12/10/2012 by: VBScab
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  • I Created Office Upgrade. There are different flavors of office and plugins that must be uninstalled. I did not see where i can list msiexec /s commands in the OCT. I can uninstall office products but not third party software.

    I also inherited the old batch file that i had to redo/fix. The batch executed either by double clicking on it and maybe SCCM in the future. The reason i think exe is better then a batch file. 1. Helpdesk can not go and edit the exe and then come back and say its not working. 2. User cant as easy exit the install.

    Maybe i am wrong, but i think this is a better solution???
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well, I really dont understand your intention 100% but u also can execute them by a simple VBS:

Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

dir = ".\"


str = chr(34) & dir & "*.msi" & chr(34) & " REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /qn"


WshShell.Run str,1,True

Answered 12/10/2012 by: mac-duff
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What dont you understand? I have a batch file. I would like to make an exe to do the same "msiexec /x maybe 10 times and few exe's after." That would be very easy with wise script. I do not have wise at the current client. I am asking if IS has something similar to wise script?

Again if i am not clear in my question please ask and i will try to explain.

Answered 12/10/2012 by: ogeccut
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  • in the future please use a comment on someone's answer to ask follow on questions :)
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