I've recently received some portable barcode printers that will be deployed in our environment. These printers are made to be handheld, and more than likely will be moved from machine to machine. My problem is that everytime a new printer is plugged in it creates it again as "Name of printer (Copy 1)". If I plug in another printer I get a (Copy 2) and so on. These printers are connected via USB, and reading some forums it seems to be pretty common.

My users are not admins, and the machines are extrememly locked down. So they do not have access to view installed printers. They can only select from within the app what printer to choose from. The users will be told not to move the printers, but more than likely this will happen anyways. If the user has connected two printers they generally do not know which one is active.

I've created a script in the Software Library that users can use to install this printer. I currently have it removing every printer matching that name, and installing it again. This has been my "fix" so far. My question, is there a better way to get the same model printer connected to a machine without creating another copy? Maybe a way to launch my script when this particular printer is connected automatically?

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have you looked at using the prnmngr script.  We use it to remove all printers when a user logs in windows 7 then they get their correct printer with a GPO


Answered 09/26/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • I have. These machines are basically kiosk machines. For the most part users will leave them alone so I don't need it reinstalled every time. Just when they decide to move them. There's always one.

    I guess I'm more looking for something that will run if there is a new printer with the same name.
  • only thing I found so far is lame, it tells you to update the printers bios
    will look into WMI calls
  • The only other thing that may help, when you plug the printer in or remove does it make an entry in the event viewer. if it does you can create a task to run a script when that entry is logged. IE upon disconnect delete all printers.
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When I've run across this, it's usually been due to the printer being plugged into a different USB port each time.  Worth testing to verify if this is what is happening and if it is, maybe consider creating a policy of which USB port should be used (or send USB extenders so the printers will plug into those each time, removing the problem).


Answered 09/28/2012 by: jverbosk
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  • Testing it I've disconnected the USB from the printer, and have attached to the other printer. So it's still using the same port. I think it'll be easier for me to just get a roll of duct tape. I'm not sure why they buy portable printers that they never want to move.
  • Silicone Adhesive
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Does the BIOS on the machines allow you to disable individual USB ports?

If not, I like SMal's idea: silicone them closed.

Answered 09/30/2012 by: jknox
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  • It does allow me to, but since we are a hospital there are a ton of scanners, printers, and test equipment. The USB port itself will not change. Just the printer. Even though it's the same exact model it adds a new one.
  • Printers - the bane of IT...

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