I am running into an issue on our domain where several users will experience their desktop icons on their Windows 7 systems rearrange themselves.

I have tried the following in order to fix this issue without success:

Disabled View > auto arrange icons

Disabled Personalize > Change Desktop Icons > Allow Themes to change desktop icons

Any help for the above would be appreciated!

Thank You,


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  • Have you checked to make sure there's no Local or Domain GPO's affecting those PCs?
    • Yes I checked today, nothing specific to this user is affecting the PC. They have the same settings as everyone else.
  • Are these roaming users who log onto more than one system?
    • Yes, they have a personal work computer then also come to work and use systems which utilize their roaming profile.
  • The user permissions weren't correct on their profile. I fixed this issue and will let you know if the problem is resolved.
  • Just bear in mind that if the users are logging onto different systems, perhaps with different screen resolutions, then the icons will be rearranged to match the screen format and next time may not rearrange correctly if auto arrange is not on.
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