In my application one of my component has exe, dll and ocx. What I have to set as keypath?

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one component should only contain one exe, dll or ocx, so give each of these files their own component and make them the keypaths of each.

Answered 09/27/2012 by: pjgeutjens
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Is it a vendor MSI or have you captured it.

If it is a Vendor MSI, do not change anything. If it is yours then create separate component for each and set each as keypath.

For Vendor MSI, if you have these 3, you can choose any but I would have gone with exe.

Answered 09/27/2012 by: piyushnasa
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  • if it's a vendor MSI, also call the vendor and offer to teach them the basics of MSI packaging...
  • Personally I have no problem editing/correcting vendor msi so that they function properly (in your environment). Though better understanding of features/components/key paths/repair/self-healing is definitely suggested before doing so. Obviously using best practice methods via mst instead of direct edits.
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Is it true?

Answered 10/02/2012 by: jagadeish
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Pjpeutjens and piyushnasa are right on, but there is more.

Keypaths/files and how msi uses them is critical to packaging, especially handling per user data with a per computer installation.

Understanding msi repair/self-healing are VERY important concepts, keypaths/files are central to their proper use and functionality.

Excellent itninja thread on self-repair...

Look at jmcfadyen's posts

Answered 09/28/2012 by: dandirk
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