We are deploying software to machines via Managed Install.  We are almost finished with deployment, but have a few machines left.  I was wondering what would happen if we deploy to all devices?  Is there any advantages or disadvantages?  Thanks!
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Obviously every environment is different, so with a that said, I would advise to avoid it all together. Every environment I've seen there has always been an issue or adjustment needed for a group of PCs. So I've always segregated the most common differences that would need a tweak and made Labels for them.  For instance, MG-Desktops, MG-Laptops, MG-[manufacturer], etc (MG for Machine Group). Then if you add these labels to your deployment, you are essentially deploying to your whole environment, the only difference is that if a piece of software you are deploying does not play well with, say, Laptops, then you can easily exclude them by removing the label.  Labels take a bit longer to setup, but they provide a great level of flexibility in, especially in software deployment.
Answered 08/02/2016 by: Soloman007
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It is highly recommended to create device labels including no more than 255 devices on that label. This is because, including more than that, would compromise bandwidth, and data transmition between the KBOX and the clients.
Answered 08/02/2016 by: Ericenri
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