This question is based on the fact that there are 2 .INI files created during the creation of the network based deployment image of ACAD 2012. Both of these .INI files have references to the creation UNC, which becomes a problem when deploying to multiple Distribution Points. I have read forums recommending that versions of these .INI files be created for each DP to resolve this issue.

To complicate matters, I must also deploy to Windows XP X64 & X32 systems. I have experimented with both Program based deployments as well as Task Sequences based on command line executions. AutoDesk documentation states that SCCM cannot deploy the DirectX specific to ACAD 2012, requiring it to be a separate install.

I have tried the Program method with the AdminImage\Setup.exe command line which has resulted in an exit code 1603...which research has suggested is the result of missing prereqs like .NET and DirectX.

Please share any real life successful experiences.

Thank you!

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I have packaged ACAD2012 and works fine. It comes with a deployment agent tool from which you can create an image which you require. In your case, you will have to create two different packages for 32 bit and 64 bit and then install them respectively.

Answered 07/05/2012 by: piyushnasa
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I agree with piyushnasa,  To use multiple distribution points, copy the entire admin install folder structure.  The admin install creates a shortcut in the root autocad2012 folder, change the properties of the "target and start in" for that shortcut to reflect the server you copied the install to and it should work for you, that is how we did for 2011 and 2012.  I also suggest going to a server based FlexLM license if you are not using one.  Then you can create an autocad image and deploy it without registration/activation problems.

Answered 07/05/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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I too faced this issue.

Use a batch script with %~dp0setup.exe to point to the setup.

Use variables and your issue will be solved.

Answered 07/13/2012 by: piyushnasa
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Have you tried to install the prereqs before running your AutoCAD package. Then you would be sure if the exit code is due to missing prereqs or not. I think there is a line in the adminimage ini file which states which prereqs will be installed. Remove the prereqs you manually install from this line, so they wont be installing again.

Answered 07/05/2012 by: henrik80
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We are also doing deployment via SCCM through DPs.  But we could not get it working till now.  In the Global MSI Properties of the AutoCAD.ini, what if we set the ADMIN_IMAGE_LOCATION=...  This is to specify one step back folder.  Has anyone tried this?

Answered 04/21/2014 by: tonykm
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Thank you all for your responses, I appreciate your input.

To answer a couple of questions that were asked...I did create an administrative image on the SCCM Primary, then had it deployed by SCCM to the DPs. The INI files within the Package source files retain 2 ini files that keep UNC to the SCCM Primary. When I deployed from the DP I got error messages stating it could not find files with the location pointing to the Primary.

That is where the confusion started. Once I modified the Admin_Image_Location variables to reflect the DP in question, then ACAD would install. But NOT with DirectX in the TS. Once I broke out DX to a program of it's own, had it download the files then install the program, then DX installed through SCCM. I never got to install any other way. Once DX was installed, then the other pregreqs could install from the TS.

All of which leaves the issue of deploying from multiple DPs and variable in the INI files. From your statements,  "change the properties of the "target and start in" for that shortcut to reflect the server you copied the install to and it should work for you"  it sounds like you have users clicking on the shortcut to perform the install...which leaves me more confused. :)

I hope some this made sense. I've been getting my butt kicked by this for so long I'm losing track of my senses. :)

Thanks again for your help guys!!

Answered 07/09/2012 by: Ksuekihlman
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  • Sorry we do use a short cut to call the AUTOCAD2012.ini with a language switch.

    I checked with the other image tech and he changed that and also had to edit the autocad2012.ini and the adminimagex86.ini. There are 2 lines under the global MSI Properties "ADMIN_IMAGE_LOCATION" and "NETWORK_LOG_PATH" that needed to be changed.
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