So I have a OSX file i am trying to deploy to a file directory on several hundred computers and i am trying to use the K1000 scripting to do the job but i just cant seem to get the file to copy correctly.  I need to Copy a OSX i loaded on the Kace and copy it to the  \\computer name\c$\WINDOWS\system32 directory and I am having trouble figuring out how to use the scripting section on Kace so if anyone could provide me with assistance i would much appricate it.


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  • Are you using the SYSTEM account to authenticate?
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Here is an example of a Offline kScript that copies a single file (lic file) to a specific directory on a MAC.  

Note that for scripting with MACs, using the Offline kscript you do not need to use escape characters; e.g. you don't need to type in /Library/Application\ Support/... rather you can just use /Library/Application Support/....




the PC version looks like this:

Answered 07/10/2013 by: Jbr32
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  • I still cant seem to get it to work right, I think I am doing something wrong
  • Can you upload a picture?
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Answered 07/10/2013 by: aaronb09
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  • The Verify step might be occurring before the file finishes copying to the local machine. Try having it verify something else.
    • Also, if you leave the Verify step blank it automatically assumes a success in the scripting logic. You don't technically need it...
  • I think I found your error, you don't verify that the zip file exists but rather you verify the extracted file within your zip file exists.
    • I tried Mpaces idea of just removing the verify steps completely and still no go
  • Are you ziping up a folder called MSINET or the files themselves? What is the error message?
    • the zipped folder is called MSINET.ZIP and it contains 1 file called msinet.ocx and I don't get an error message when run the script the Dell Kace says it completed no errors but nothing shows up in the directory I specified.
  • ok so I have tried to get a file into the system32 directory on windows 7 and no dice. So I started to look into it and found this and then I found this so it may not be possible to get a file into system32 without messing with the trusted installer group.

    Does the file have to go into system32 or can it go somewhere else?
    • Damn. Yeah the file needs to go into the system32 directory we are trying to stream line some in house software upgrades.
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Have you tried uploading the file first?  I had a similar issue where I couldn't unzip unless I first uploaded.

Unzip $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\MSINET.ZIP to C:\Windows\System32
Answered 07/24/2014 by: jlazerus
Orange Senior Belt

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