Has anyone managed to get Wake on Lan working with a UEFI BIOS ? 

I have a Dell Optiplex 9020 that arrived with Windows 8 installed with a UEFI BIOS and I cannot get WOL to work from the K1000. All of the other 9020's that have Windows 7 installed run a legacy BIOS and they all work fine with WOL.

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  • will it wake and not boot or just ignore the command all together
  • No, it won't wake at all, the lights on the NIC are on when powered off so it should wake up
  • see if the bios version is different between the w7 and w8 machine. Also have you tried to switch the bios on a win7 to uefi and see if it will wake. It will not OS boot but will tell you if the wol is working on those in UEFI.
  • I have tried changing the BIOS version to match the Win 7 machine, still no go. I will change a win 7 to UEFI if I can find one where someone is away and will let you know
  • Ok ... tried that and when set to UEFI it does not wake up but it does when changed back to BIOS. So obviously an issue with the UEFI implementation
  • If they all have the same version of bios I would contact dell on that, may be a bug in that bios that blocks it. You may have to back rev the bios even to get it to work, I see they list a current and 5 older versions for that model.
  • Yeah .. I have already back rev'd the BIOS to the same as the Win 7 machine, I'll put a call into Dell and see what they say
  • we do not have any 9020's yet just 9010's so I can't play with one myself to see
  • Does it work on the 9010's with UEFI ?
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Answered 01/21/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • That was already set and still does not work
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