Using Internet Explorer 11 the date field inside tickets won't let you enter a date manually or use the calendar.  The calendar pops up for a half a second and then disappears.  Tried the same thing in Firefox and it works as normal.  I've noticed this since the last update to 6.4.119927.

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  • Did you try viewing the KBOX in compatibility mode with IE? IE has other problem with KBOX like the Save and Cancel button sometimes don't show in Assets until you mouse over them.
  • I am also having this issue. I added http://k1000 to my compatibility settings and the calendar will not show up. If I minimize IE and open it back up the calendar will be there. It works fine in Chrome and Firefox.
  • same issue. we have IE 11 within our organization. url is in compatibility settings, issue still remains.
  • I've tried on several computers with or without compatibility. It doesn't seem to matter minimizing and re opening does seem to fix it or you can switch tabs away and back. The whole thing seems very strange.
  • Hello, anyone find a solution for this? We are having the same issue.
  • Same issue here, also in assets, looks like it's a jscript something if that gets anyone's mental juices going?
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