Is there a way to use http istead of tfp to load kbe environnement. On our distant site, it takes 4 minutes instead of one to load a kbexxxx.iso file. As tftp is less efficient and secure than http, is there a way to switch?


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No tftp is part of the RFC
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Answered 02/18/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • iPXE (formerly gPXE) can do HTTP booting, but the K2000 uses PXE as you have posted the details of above.
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Have you considered using a Remote Site Appliance (RSA) for your other site?  This would allow you to PXE boot locally and do your deployments without having to go over a WAN connection.

Answered 02/19/2013 by: andrew_lubchansky
Black Belt

  • Thank you for all the answers.

    We have a good connection between our two sites (1Gb), but due to the distance (60km) a small latency increase the deployment time, and we don't want to use a RSA.
  • Are your latency issues only with booting to KBE? Or with the deployment as well? Also, are you using K-Images or Native Images?
    • only with booting to KBE? Yes.
      We are using wim image or installation from source media.
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