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Is it possible to use the K2000 in a way similar to how Symantec Ghost is used?

When we get a new system, we install all the software and configure all the settings. Once we get it perfect we then image the system using Ghost and then load that image on all the other systems. We've been doing this for years and we're comfortable with the process.

We already own a K2000 but it's just sitting in the box. We don't want it to go to waste. Can we use the K2000 in a similar way or exactly the same way as Ghost?

We understand K2000 is more powerful and has other features. However, all we're interested in at the moment is a creating an exact disk image and then deploying that disk image to other systems. Can this be done with K2000?


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Do you mean image like Ghost as in 1 file? instead of a kimage?

If so, look at our Native Imaging Toolkit for 3.4; http://itninja.com/blog/view/kace-native-imaging-toolkit-k2000-v-3-4-only

You still have to partition, etc, but it is a single .wim file.

Answered 04/20/2012 by: cserrins
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Yes, you can use the K2000 to capture a system. You can then use it to deploy to your other Computers either over the network or via USB key. We switched from Ghost to K2000.


Answered 04/20/2012 by: ventrick
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In order to capture images, administrators need to build “gold master” reference machines. The traditional process for gold master creation involves manually installing the operating system and necessary applications required for the gold master. In contrast, the K2000 automates the entire gold master creation process through its network OS installation feature.



By using Dell KACE K2000 Appliance, we can capture & customized Windows Image as "System Images" (K2000>Deployments>System Images). 




Answered 04/20/2012 by: Aaron Cool
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I use the K2000 to image all of our systems using scripted installs. I keep the scripted install very small, meaning, OS, turn off uac, activate and input key, join, rename and add the agent. The K1000 installs all the software which makes it so there is only one place to change software version when necessary.

Is there a benefit or advantage to using sysprep?

The big advantage I've seen using the K2000 over Ghost is that your imaging are layered so if something does need to be changed it is a simple change, not a redo of and entire image. This is also been a big advantage to having the K1000 deploy softare. It's one place to change a particular softare package instead of having to change it and add it to all of the scripted installs.

Answered 04/20/2012 by: ckubaska
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I am also a newbie at the k2000 as we are still using the trial version. However, we had the same question and are now using it like ghost.  Like others mentioned you will need to download the KNIT.  This allows you to create a WIM image for each partition.

If you have to reimage a lot of machines at one time then this is the fastest method from what i understand.  If you do scripted installs then I believe it does not multicast so you are doing one machine at a time.

We have ours working but it's not a perfect solution.  It does provide flexibility in terms of once you set it up then any tech can reimage a machine on the network whenever they want.  When we are using ghost, then the tech has to bring in the machine or the hard drive and then get it reimaged, and then take the drive back out to the user and swap it in.

the kace allows for the computer to stay on the network and you can pxe boot off the K2000 and reimage from there.

however, i think the scripted installs seems to be the way to go - but again it depends on your requirements.  If you're doing a lot at once then KNIT is the way to go.  if you want flexibility then the scripted installs is the method you want. 

Answered 04/28/2012 by: dj
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I see this was started over a year ago and my organization is looking at a image/deployment solution. What bits of wisdom, advice, and knowledge would make the step into a K2000 smoother when you already have a K1000 and come from a basic Ghost background?

Answered 03/12/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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