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We currently have a VK1000 that does not support organizations with 550 desktops reporting in and being managed. We'd like to add support for organizations so that we can centrally manage our server environment (175 servers), but keep the two environments separate - server admins can't see/touch desktops and vice versa.

I have requested an updated product key so that I can configure organizations, but what, if anything, do I need to know before doing this? Is there a "default" organization that everything goes to? Is there a way for me to configure the agent to direct the machine into the appropriate server/desktop organization? What happens to the 550 desktops that are already managed, but without an organization?

I'm one of the server admins and my experience with the VK1000 has been very limited until now, so please excuse me if these are simple questions.

Thank you!

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Your default will be what you have now. That becomes Org1.  (It always was, but now it will show up as your Default).

You would then add an organization for your servers (Org 2) and migrate them to it if they currently have an agent.  If they don't currently have an agent installed, you would use an organization filter to get them to the right place. I'd recommend a LDAP filter for this.  They are found System>Organizations>Filters

You can limit access to either org with LDAP user labels as well.

Answered 04/22/2013 by: jknox
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Perfect. Thank you!

Answered 04/22/2013 by: brupnick
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