I have a KACE 1100 physical appliance installed upgraded to the latest version. I activated organizational management using the corresponding license key. I configured LDAP authentication on the default org: works well. I enabled LDAP on a sub-org: login to the sub-org takes does not work, there is no error message. Apparently, i did something wrong with the LADP auth config on the sub-org. I rebooted the appliance. Now, I cannot login anymore with the "Admin" (sysadmin) account. When I put in Admin + its password on KACE's web interface, it takes 3 min, then I get "Access denied". I am totally sure of my password. I can still login with an Active Directory account into the default instance using LDAP authentication, but I cannot use the sysadmin account anymore. So it is not impossible to manage KACE correctly.

Does anyone knows how to "repair" the config. Maybe with console commands ?

Another option would be to resintall / factory reset the appliance. How can I do that from the command line on the console ? Can I use a DVD to completly resintall the physicall KACE appliance ?

Your help is very much appreciated

Kind Regards


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  • I know this is an old thread but in addition to the fix above I highly suggest checking Linked Appliances settings.
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The log in is different at the system level versus the organization level.  The system level is probably still set to the default which should be admin/admin.  You should be able to access that at http://yourkboxname/systemui

If you can't log in with admin/admin at the systemui, you might be able to change it from the console.  Log in with netdiag/netdiag and run the klogin_reset command.

If that doesn't work, you can enable SSH from the netdiag login by running startsshd.  Download putty and KACE support can disable LDAP so that you can access the K1000.

You can reimage from a DVD, but that shouldn't be necessary.

Answered 06/27/2012 by: jknox
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  • I finished to re-image the appliance using a KACE DVD with the help of a DELL support guy. But the slow login problem reappeared after reinstallation and configuration of LDAP authentication after creating the second organisation. This time, fortunately, I was able to login with the system admin (3 minutes login time). Actually, deleting the example “External LDAP Server Authentication†servers listed below, and creating my custom correct LDAP server configurations then solved the issue:
    - Admin Server : --
    - Read Only Admin Server : --
    - User Server : --
    • Did DELL Provide the DVD or is this something any customer can download from a customer portal of some sort? I'm currently running into the same exact issue, and now waiting on any reply from dell.
  • Sure, by default, there are a couple of example LDAP servers. They need to be deleted as you found. Sorry I didn't think to mention that.
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Just came across this very same issue.

In our case it was a K1000 appliance,
Initially ldap authentication was working fine for months.
But after installing multi org license key the ldap logons started taking up to 3 mins to authenticate.
Tried resetting appliance, investigated ldap config and servers, but logon was still slow.
Removed the example ldap configs as mentioned above, still had slow logons until we then restarted the appliance.
Now logons are quick again.
Thanks to edarvas for posting his resolution, saved us from a lot of trouble.

Answered 03/03/2013 by: roham
Senior Yellow Belt

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