I had been troubleshooting in a previous thread but the topic changed quickly and I want to keep it on point, if I can. This is an automated deployment project I'm working on that involves installing Dell Command|Configure on a machine that does not have it installed, and, creating an image that installs the same software as a mid-level task.

Previously: http://www.itninja.com/question/pairing-automated-deployments-get-set-computer-name
Great help so far from http://www.itninja.com/user/SMal.tmcc

Here's what I have:
1. A script that installs Dell Command|Configure to a target PC that does NOT have it installed.
2. A bat that calls cctk.exe with params and flips the boot order to NIC boot
3. Restart the machine
4. Initiate automated deployment and apply a fresh image.

Here's what I need, all as mid-level tasks:
1. Install Dell C|C
2. Bat file calls cctk.exe and sets boot order to 'HDD.1, devusb, cdrom,embnic'
3. Deletes the public desktop icon for Dell C|C
3. Continues (post-install tasks)

Current Status:
As post-installation tasks, the following processes operate fine.
1. Application - Zip file with "C_C.msi" and "install.bat" files. Install.bat is: msiexec.exe /i "C_C.msi" /qn
2. BAT Script - Bootorder change CD C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Command Configure\X86_64
cctk.exe bootorder --sequence=hdd.1,usbdev,cdrom,embnic

3. BAT Script - Remove the C|C public shortcut del C:\Users\Public\Desktop\"Configuration Wizard.lnk"

I duplicated these tasks and then set them as K2000 Boot Environment (Windows) for use as mid-level tasks and they fail. This could be as simple as trying to install C|C as a mid-level task fails, rendering the other two tasks failure as well, but I can't figure out for the life of me what I'm doing wrong.

When I run the same tasks locally on my desktop, it works fine, but I'm thinking perhaps one of two things is going on:
1. I simply can't install this application as a mid-level task.
2. The argument to install this as a mid-level task is not as simple as copying my post-install tasks and simply calling it a mid-level task. Maybe I have to call a directory that I'm as of yet unfamiliar with. I know a little about Kace directories from working with the scripts such as $(Kace_Install), for example, but if that's the case, I'm not sure how to call it properly on a mid-level task.

-- Ray

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the best solution is to add the C|C to your KBE boot.  download and install the KBEM on your tech station


also install the C|C to this same tech station.  that way you can call it from the PE x: drive during pre or as mid level tasks

x:\command_configure\amdx64\cctk.exe bootorder --sequence=hdd.1,hdd.2,usbdev,cdrom.embnic

use the kbem to upload a new environment and in the k2000 if it works you can set that as your default pxe boot under the k2's settings menu

Answered 03/18/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • Sorry to be confused....

    I created the KBE and on pxe boot into the environment, I see some scribble about C|C, HAPI, etc.

    How does having this in the KBE facilitate this?

    Does it install C|C alongside the image and then allow me to just make cmd arguments against my target or does it merely allow me to install C|C, as an application, in a mid-level task?


    Update: Even in the new KBE, my mid-level install tasks still fail.
    • it will install it in the WinPE environment independent from the the image. So it will them work with any image.

      Boot into the KBE and go to recovery from the main menu open a command window. you should be on the x drive. Do a cd\ to go to the x drive root and then do a dir. do you see a command configure directory?
      • I do, yes.

        So this means the necessary C|C files I need to send out cmd line adjustments will be present in any PC I image in this environment?

        I tried looking for the typical folder/file path but it wasn't present.

        I suppose the next thing to do is test by imaging a machine, minus my C|C install tasks, but within my new KBE, and then try to run a C|C cmd against the target after it is imaged.

        Where do the files then reside in the machine once the image is complete?

        And to clarify...

        By adding the C|C in the KBE, I can call scripts against it while imaging the machine.

        But does that capability persist beyond the image state, so if I want to switch on WOL to an already deployed machine, will I be able to do that via K1000 scripting?
      • I got it. Finally figured it out and was not making my C|C call against X:\. Once I did, my pre-install boot change BAT ran correctly.

        This is really helpful for me and I want to thank you again for all the help and responses you sent my way.
      • and yes k1000 to set pxe and k2000 to set hdd
      • once imaged use a MI to push out to machines or Install C|C as a post task
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