I have a ticket queue we use for New Hires. I cannot get a new ticket created via an email sent by a seprate internal application. We use LDAP user import and I have created a basic "Login Not Allowed" user account for this system email, with only Username, Full Name and Email fields populated. I the added the 'user' to the appropriate label groups for proper functionality in the ticket queue. This 'user' does show up in the Filter lists and can be made a ticket owner in the queue.

The ticket queue has the following configuration; Submitters, Approvers and, Owners restricted by label. Accept email from unknown users=No. The email has @COMMANDS to populate the Title, Submitter and CUSTOM_3 fields. I am CC'd on the system generated emails and they look to be everything we need to open the ticket.

If I put the same @COMMANDS in a new mail message and send it to the same queue email address using my email account it creates a ticket as expected with the appropriate fields populated.

I have tried changing the Role of the 'user' account. I have confirmed the data in the Submitter field is matching the names in the Labels for the Submitters. The one difference between my user account and the system 'user' account is there is no domain listed in the system 'user' account and the ending part of the system 'user' email is @invalidemail.com, which matches the data in the system 'user' account.


Any suggestions?



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Can the user be a submitter in the queue? You said they can be an owner, but I believe they also need to be a submitter.

Answered 07/12/2012 by: chucksteel
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Yes, I am able to assign the system 'user' as the Submitter. I've also confirmed the Submitter at the end of the @SUBMITTER=' ' in the email, is eligable to be a Submitter as well.

Answered 07/12/2012 by: jmarotto
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What format is the other application generating the emails in? I think that if the email is being sent with HTML formatting it won't work, but I don't remember the particulars. 

Answered 07/13/2012 by: chucksteel
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