I just got approval to start deploying the KACE agent via Group Policy. Following the instructions on the KACE website and from threads in IT Ninja, it is not deploying to any of the machines in my test OU. Has anyone else come across this or know what I may have missed?

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There is a known issue that is listed in the release notes for 5.4


3316: The installation of the 5.4 Agent using GPO (Group Policy Object) fails when the language of theclient machine is not Traditional Chinese. This is because the 5.4 Agent installer supports multiplelanguages and GPO arbitrarily chooses the language with the lowest locale ID (LCID) as the default,which happens to be Traditional Chinese. To resolve the issue, change the locale ID of the installer tothe appropriate locale. To obtain a script that changes the locale ID, contact Dell KACE Technical

Answered 01/04/2013 by: nshah
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As luck wouldn't have it, we fixed this through a Microsoft call. It turns out that synchronization wasn't happening between all of our Domain Controllers. Once this issue was fixed the GP push started working like a champ. The instructions worked just fine, it was our AD that was slightly broken.

Answered 04/02/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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Where did you put the msi that you are calling?  We put our's in a subdir under the domain netlogin directory, then there were no rights issues.

Answered 01/04/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • SYSVOL on the Domain Controller. Same location as all of our logon scripts.
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It might be related to where the MSI is located, do you have it set in a spot where everybody has access? For our main site, and our remote sites we place ours on the file server's software folder which is shared out.

You have tried a GPupdate /force on a machine in the test group right? I just recently upgraded all our KACE Agents via GPO and when I was testing it prompted me to restart after a GPupdate and it uninstalled the old (or upgraded, I don't know) and installed the new agent then.

Answered 01/04/2013 by: samzeeco
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So I used the VB script to alter the locale of the msi file successfully, or so it said anyways. I then changed the file name to match the hostname of our K1000 per instructions. Our KBOX operates inside of our network only, so the msi filename is ampagent-5.4.5315-x86_helpdesk.msi . If I drop it into a command line with /qn on the end it will install the agent silently and the computer reports to the KBOX. The trick is when I get to creating the GPO. I follow the directions to set up the GPO which is straight forward enough. I even used the UNC path to my share that everyone has access to. When I run gpupdate /force on my test vm (placed in my test OU where the GP is active and enforced) I get the failure text shown below.


Answered 01/07/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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  • on the target machine do a \\domainname and hit enter. Manually browse to that directory and see if you have rights or not.
  • On one of my VMs I can navigate to it, on the others I cannot. The strange thing is my credentials across the VMs are the same. I'll follow this up and see where it leads.
    • could be a secure channel problem, try to disjoin and rejoin to domain.
  • I'll check that out as well.
  • I've opened a ticket with KACE support regarding this issue. For something that should be relatively clear, the process is getting pretty muddy. When I find the solution I'll post it here.
    • hey at least you made sure it wasn't something with file access and eliminated those possibilities before putting in a ticket.
    • Did you ever find a solution for this. I'm having the same issue
      • This is a problem with your GPO objects on your domain controllers being out of sync.
  • Script is attached to article:
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