I am fairly certain I have done this at least 50 times, but it appears I must be messing something up.  

I have a .app file that is uploaded to my kbox as modo_701.zip which contains modo_701.app

I would like the kbox to extract the .zip file and place it in the /Applications directory.  

So I created a distro that is set using the following:

* Install command = use default

* run parameters: ditto -rsrc "modo_701.app" "/Applications/modo_701.app"

* Delete downloaded files: is checked


What happens is that the file gets downloaded to the clients in /Library/Application Support/Dell/KACE/data/downloads/21716/

and extracted into the same directory.  The file never gets copied over to /Applications or deleted.  The distro also indicates the software package is installed.  

This is how we normally do it.  Any suggestions?

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  • Ok reworked it so the file is a .dmg and not a .zip. Now the files is installed into the correct place but the .dmg located within the /Library/Application Support/Dell/Kace/data/downloads/21777 folder does not get deleted.
    • I want to say that's a bug that will be fixed in 5.5. If it's something you need to delete, use a smart label to target machines that have the app installed. Then use that label in a script that deletes the installer.
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