I cannot scroll to the Smart Label that I want to filter for, see screen shot.  It groups the bottom portion of the list together so that I cannot click on any single entry.  It behaves this way no matter what browser I use, but I use IE9 primarily.




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  • what screen are you on?
  • The inventory/computers screen. Then from there I am filtering by using the All Items drop down menu. I am running version 5.5.90546 btw.
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I only have about 100 machine labels but my drop down scrolls OK

Answered 01/14/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Yes it was working fine until I enabled single sign-on, but I really don't think that had anything to do with it. Maybe I need to reboot the KBOX?
    • Does it do this from other w/s also? If yes I would try reboot then if that does not work open a ticket, should not do that. I have FF26 and IE11
      • Behaves the same way on other workstations as well. I will reboot the KBOX tonight. Thanks for the help.
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You might want to consider using Label  Groups so that the drop down isn't super long as your screenshot indicates. 

Answered 01/14/2014 by: nshah
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We use the Label Groups at this site. Our list of lables got rather long and ungainly.

Answered 04/18/2014 by: ITHorseman
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