Hi All,

We have created a web form to collect ticket requests and automatically transferred to KACE. Our KACE administrator will also receive an email of this request. It was fine until last week, we started noticing that two different tickets were put into one thread. 

For instance,  my email notified me the ticket #1973. I processed the ticket. Somehow, a few minutes earlier, I got another email saying another thing in the same #1973 thread. When I contact the submitter of the ticket #1973, he said he did not send the newer one.

I then login KACE and there is no content of the latter one on ticket 1973. However, there is a newly created ticket #1976 showing the new request.

Hope I described my question clearly. I will really appreciate if anyone can give me some suggestion on this.

Thank you.


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  • What rules do you have enabled on the queue? One of them might have an issue that is causing this type of behavior.
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