Hi All,
This is not so much a question, but opening a line of help and discussion for people who might have had issues printing from a ThinApp, either print to PDF or (analogue) paper.
Here are the things I have found so far, and have replicated the results with the same package twice.

To start with, the whole discussion of package on the lowest denominator is not true for printing.  You can not ThinApp on 32bit and print from 64bit.  Package on a clean 64bit VM.
We use PDF995 as a cheaper alternative to the Adobe products, so that is why the first line below is listed, but change it for your type of PDF doc printer.
  • The directory %Common AppData%\PDF995 - add attribute file with Merged
  • Make sure the two Spool directories are set to Merged (should be by default, but just in case)
  • In the package.ini file, add the following two lines (should already be under General Purpose Parameters)
    • ChildProcessEnvironmentDefault=Virtual
    • ChildProcessEnvironmentExceptions=splwow64.exe; spoolsv.exe
  • Build your package, find the package GUID and add to the package.ini MSIProductCode and uncomment.  Rebuild.
  • if you require a different upgrade code from the default, comment out the MSIUpgradeCode, build, copy the upgrade code from your MSI, put in the upgrade code and uncomment.

This is not a question, but help for those who have googled like hell to find the answer.

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