I am currently working on a POC(Prouve of Concept) and I have to create an . msi file of TeamViewer for my business.
I have some trouble and if you could help me it would be great ...
When I create the. msi, the name of the computer must be registered directly with the login, but the. msi keeps the old name of the machine who created it.

I found the registry key that allows to change the name, but I do not know if i can change it automatically on every machine with the. msi or not.

Location of key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ TEAMVIEWER 6 and the key name is USERNAME.
Im working whit AdminStudio to create the .msi

Can somebody help me?
Thank you !
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you basically have 2 main options to get this done.

1) best option is to use an advertised shortcut in your package and add a component to the package containing the HKCU registry settings, with a keypath in the HKCU registry hive. Instead of giving you all the details I'd suggest you read through this thread to get the general idea. Basically a user clicking the shortcut will cause the MSI to self-heal and add the missing HKCU key for the user.

2) active setup, the poor man's version of the above in case advertised shortcuts are not an option. It basically involves adding some registry keys to your package that will cause a command to be executed once for every user that logs in to the machine (command could be a script that sets your HKCU regkey for example). Read this appdeploy article for an overview.

Since it's a POC, I assume you can play around with whatever you need, so I'd like to stress again that option 1) is by far the most elegant solution.

Kind Regards,

Answered 04/06/2011 by: pjgeutjens
Red Belt

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Just packaged that....
If you have the corporate license you can download the Vendor MSI.
But you can also request a trial MSI, their suport is very good and fast.
You can test de Trial for 14 days, de MSI is allmost the same as the official Corporate version.

I remove the launch conditions and set allusers=1
It deploys like a charm (elevated) and it a good vendor MSI.

Don't worry about the settings. Teamviewer has a nifty way to lock those with a simple reg file.
See documentatie for that!
Answered 04/10/2011 by: subsense
Purple Belt

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Subsense is correct. Unless you are trying to brand the installation, you can accomplish everything with the vendor supplied MSI file and a registry file. All the instructions to do this are in the manual located under support on their website, but here are the basics:

1. Install TeamViewer on a computer
2. Go into the options and configure everything the way that you want it (set password, lock down access, etc)
3. Go to Advanced -> Export Options to a .reg file
4. Set up a script in Kbox to install the msi file and then also run a batch file to install the reg key (only needs to contain the following: "regedit /s XXX.reg")
5. Anytime you need to update the remote assistance password or change any settings you would just set the Kbox to update the reg entry.
Answered 06/01/2011 by: bbevard
Orange Belt

  • This is referring to creating images with TeamViewer included, which I have done but it lists the registry keys which should be helpful.

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