I created and pulled a basic wim image from a pc which worked fine.  I then opened the image file and wrote in a few notes concerning the image and what programs where loaded - nothing fancy.  I then clicked save and the system said it was reconfiguring - standard message I've always seen.  However, this is my fourth attempt at three different images  and everyone hangs with a status of 'Committing Changes to Manifest'.  This has gone on for an hour before I restarted the server to get it cleared.  I've always used the physical K2000 appliance and I have created 50-60 images (much bigger then these) and it never took this long to recompose.  10-15 minutes tops!  My new company has the virtual K2000 (new) and it is up to date.  Any idea why this is hanging.

Thanks. Russ

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  • Wim images can not be edited from the K2000 so did you mean you took a Kimage? by up to date you mean you are running on the latest K2000 version ? I'd first check the following on your VM:

    has the virtual hardware been updated to the latest your host has to offer ?
    does your vm have 2 dedicated CPU and 4 GB of dedicated RAM (that is not from a shared pool)?
    Is the guest OS for your VM defined as "Other > freebsd 64-bit" ?
    Has the latest vmtools been installed on the vm ?
    Is the virtual network card for the vm defined as "E1000" or something else?

    All these things if not set properly/not updated are known to cause performance issues on a virtual K2000.
    • he meant he opened the deployment and wrote notes, Great tips on VM optimization
    • This is a .wim and we are running the latest K2000 version (just updated everything a few weeks back). Virtual HW: we are running VMware 5.5 (vcenter 5.1.0), we have 2 CPU's & 4GB ram.
      The OS is FreeBSD7.0 64bit and the Nic is defined as E1000. I do not know if the latest vmtools have been installed.
      I can do scripted installs all day long without issue.

  • I will look into the VM issues. The changes are inserting a preinstallation task to create a partition and Format and check the box for Use Driver Feed.
    Thanks. Russ
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The problem has been corrected by KACE support.  It was a corrupted database.  Had to delete the images there and start over.  Seems to be working so far.



Answered 09/30/2014 by: rjobe
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