Some SysInternals tools, from the Suite, are distributed to servers. When a server is put in service, we manually move the needed tools into c:\Sysinternals\.  While the original copy of the files isn't bad, it's the maintenance of updating the tools that can be time-consuming.

My question is three-fold.  I would like to know if it's possible, and the best way, to:

-  Stop running Sysinternals process(es).  For example procexp.exe (procexp64.exe) should be running based on Server OS 32 or 64.  This process will need to be stopped;

-  Copy, move, unzip, zip exe the files to the proper location.  I've not yet determined the best way to distribute the files. They are not installed, rather just placed in a folder;

-  Start the process(es) that were stopped when the distribution started.

Any suggestions for this will be greatly appreciated.



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Sounds like you got 3 steps you need to do that could be done with the scripting.

Task one

veryify process running

if true, stop processes

Task two

Delete c:\sysinternal folder (you could replace but might be easier to delete folder and recreate)

download and unzip new files to c:\sysinternals


Task three

Verify if process running

if not, remediate and start processes


Answered 01/28/2013 by: nshah
Red Belt

  • Thanks for the reply nshah. For "Delete c:\sysinternal folder (you could replace but might be easier to delete folder and recreate)", should this just be done with cmd? I don't see an entry to delete a directory/folder.
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