Hey All,

I am going to be doing a cut over from the K1000 appliance to the VK1000 this weekend.  I have the Virtual running, but have not put in the license key yet.  I was wondering if I would have troubles with either piece of equipment if I put the license key into the new device.  

I would hate to have one of the devices (especially the one being replaced) to give pop up messages or completely stop working before the cutoff.  If any of you have done this cut over, could you let me know what to expect?
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  • It looks like you purchased a virtual conversion using the same license key. The same license key can be used on the virtual kbox also. Only one of the box's can be active on the network though. Once you've backed up and restored the virtual kbox, the physical kbox can't be on the network any longer.
  • That is what I figured. I have my Virtual sitting online at the setup screen. I will have to leave it for the cut over then.
    • Let us know if you have any issues. Feel free to submit a ticket to the helpdesk.
      • I actually did ask this question to the helpdesk yesterday, and they didn't know what to do. They told me to talk to sales about it.
      • I'll look into the ticket that you opened yesterday about this.
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