I am looking through our sofware inventory, and I am noticing a lot of software that show zero PCs with that application installed (see attached screen captures). How does this happen and can I just delete the titles?



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  • I have a lot also. From looking through the list it seems to reflect installs that were once on a machine(s) but no longer exist. I assume the Inventory record remains, just as the computer inventory records remain until you delete them.
  • Do you think there is any danger in deleting these titles? If the apps were or are on a machine actually active, i imagine it would get added back on the next check-in. But if the app is either on a machine that is no longer in circulation, or was just never properly removed, then I would think it would be ok to remove it.
  • I don't see any danger and agree that it would re-populate on the next Inventory if it exists. Can you do a quick test to see?
  • I did one for a machine that I am pretty certain the only two installs showing are the only ones in circulation. I may try a couple others that I know where the apps are and see what happens.
  • So I actually stared having performance problems later in the day and I ended up deleting the blank entries and that fixed that problem. And so far, none of the titles have returned.
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Anything that shows up in the Software Titles list was installed on a computer at one point in time. Maybe the software was uninstalled from the computer/s. The software title was updated to a newer version number, the computer that had the software was deleted from inventory, etc. As long as you don't need the software title and doesn't have software install files associated with it, it's safe to delete the entry.

Answered 11/11/2013 by: darkhawktman
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  • Thanks-thats what I expected. I have opened a ticket with Kace, as I would like to create a label of some kind to track the machines-whats strange is that there is a canned report that does just that, but I cannot do much cleanup with a report.
    • This discussion has come up before. The only real answer is that you have to manually go through and delete the titles. I periodically just sort by number of installs, select all of the zero installs, delete titles, repeat until they are gone.
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