So I'm trying to move from asset licensing to software catalog licensing, but I'm having a problem with the number of detected installs.

We have some users with excel only and other with Office Home and Business which includes the excel.exe file.  I can't really use it for tracking licensing as it's showing way too many installs for excel 2010 for instance when I've actually only got one user with just excel 2010.  Same goes for office 2013 and excel 2013 as well as Photoshop and Creative Suite.

Is there a way that you can filter out with AND and OR statements.  For instance if I wanted to set up office suite license tracking it should be something like Word AND Excel AND Powerpoint are detected installed, whereas excel should be Excel NOT Word NOT Powerpoint.  Could I create a label like that and apply it to my licensing?  I haven't used labels with software catalog yet, so not sure how that works.

Also, it's detecting excel 2010 on 3 servers which most definitely do not have any Microsoft Office Programs installed.  If I open the software installed on one of the servers it's not even listed.  ctrl + f didn't finded any excel.exe in the list.  I'm starting to think that the catalog is unusable if it's going to give me false positives on things which aren't installed.

If there isn't a better way, I may just go back to entering them in assets manually as at least I had control over creating a 1 to 1 correlation of licensed to installs and could easily see if someone had installed something without my knowlege.  Although maybe that's screwed up now by the software catalog.



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