I was hoping somebody could shed some light on my problem. I am trying to push an app using SCCM 2007. This is what I have done thus far:

I created a response file (.iss) for my setup.exe. I then launch command prompt (using the 'system' account) and execute the setup.exe (exact command is setup.exe /s /v/qn). The install proceeds in silent mode and the application installs fine and is fully functional. Setup.log gives ResultCode=0 (or successful).

The problem comes in when I package the application in SCCM 2007. When I run my advertisement for said application using the command (setup.exe /s /v/qn) the application fails to install. Setup.log now gives ResultCode=-3 (Required data not found in the Setup.iss file ). I tried forcing SCCM to execute my command using various account (local Admin, NT Authority\System, Current User Credentials, etc...) and I keep receiving the same result code in my setup.log.

Has anyone else ever come across this? Are there any ways around this? For what it's worth, I am trying to deploy Trane Duct Designer 3.5 packaged with InstallShield. Thanks in advance...
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  • Did you ever find resolution on this? I have same thing running Samsung kies setup
    • I did in fact resolve the issue with that installer. It turned out that there was an additional prompt for which my response file did not have an answer to. The additional prompt only appeared when additional supporting app was installed on the system already. All I did was re-record a new response file to include an answer to said prompt. Hope this helps you...
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Maybe the setup file has problems finding the iss file? Try to use the -f1[path\ResponseFile] switch, so you are sure it uses the ISS file.

Eg. take a look at: http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/installshield-setup-silent-installation-switches
Answered 03/28/2012 by: Erroneus
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  • Thanks for the suggestion, Erroneus. I am certain that setup.exe is finding the .iss since I did initially try the -f1 switch. Also the setup.log gets created which also leads me to believe it is finding the .iss.
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Could it be that the Installer MSI, if embedded in the setup.exe must be placed in the %systemsprofile% eg C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData and below in order to execute properly when running it as a SCCM script with corresponding temp folder instead of the %userprofile% ???
Answered 10/23/2014 by: grobe
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considering the command line parameters ( /s /v/qn) leads me to believe the setup.exe actually contains an embedded MSI. It might be a good idea to extract this MSI (keep an eye on the %TEMP% folder while the setup is installing) and use this directly in your package

Another option might be to add logging parameters to your commandline, something like

/s /v/qn /l C:\Windows\Temp\setup.log, or additional to -f1 you can add -f2

Answered 03/28/2012 by: pjgeutjens
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