I use K2000. I want to change computer name after the install with WSNAME, but not success yet. 

Have setup like this :

Run Postinstallation Tasks
Apply KUID to KBOX1000 Agent
change cn
reboot 30 sek

Postinstallation task detail


Type: Application
Runtime Environment:  
Created: Ons, 28 Maj 2014 15:10:32
Modified: Mån, 2 Jun 2014 17:00:36
Version: 8
File: wsname.exe 
File Size: 252,0 KB
Command Line:

 command line are: Wsname.exe /N:DT-$SERIALNUM


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  • Is the computer joined to a domain?
    • Nope, is not. On my company we have to join pc after the installation manually. But we want to have automatic.
  • Now the renaming part is working, same settings as above. Just join domain automatic left =)
  • i use vbs join_domain script in default in K2000 (on post installation script)
    i have just create in my AD an user MasterPC with right access to join computer on my domain
    with command line -> cscript.exe join_domain.vbs yourdomain username password
  • Thx mate!
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