We want to create a service desk queue that accepts email to automatically create a ticket from the email but not create a new account when the ticket is created. We support outside clients that have no access to our KBOX and want them to be able to email the existing group but have it automatically create a ticket either as an unassigned user or a specific internal user but not to create a new account in Kace everytime it gets an email from these "unknown" email addresses.

I can get it to accept the email and create a ticket. That part works great except it creates a new external user on my KBOX that I don't want. I've tried to create an Exchange rule to forward the email but it still shows it coming from the external user. Is what I'm asking even possible?
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  • There is not a way that I'm aware of to accomplish this. I'd suggest a feature request on our uservoice site.

    Link: https://kace.uservoice.com/
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