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Our Help Desk has decided to try out Service Desk Processes and I have created one with Parent and child tickets, specifically for a new hire process. Well, I set it all up just fine and made it unavailable to all users, however, the 'Restrict Users By Label' is not working. We have 10 people in IT, but I would only like the 3 people in Help Desk to be able to create a new process and see it in the 'New +' options. I have created a manual label called Ticket Processes (Help Desk Only), applied it to the three users who should have it and added it to the 'Restrict Users by Label' section in the process, and for the life of me, can't get it to work. 

The 3 members of Help Desk have a role of Administrator
The other 7 members of IT have a role of Help Desk Admin

I was thinking it might have something to do with the roles, such as the admins can always see them, but I really am not sure. I have included a screen shot of how I the process looks (I cut off the owner names). If you would like any more info in order for you to help me, I will try to provide it. I hoping someone will get back to me sooner than Kace has at this point. 

I bet it's something really easy.

Thank you!

A humble college Help Desk

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  • That's sounds very much like a bug, or unexpected behaviour. Is the process open to everyone to use or is it just that the process can now be seen as an option to everyone?
  • Hello, right now the option to 'Display to all users', is still unchecked and users with the role of 'User Console Only' can not see it. However, the roles we have as admins can see it. We have a 'Help Desk Admin' which has limited ability (basically only the Service Desk, and knowledge base sections) and then the Administrator, which has full blown access to everything. We would only like to have the Administrator role be able to see it, which is why I made the label in the above screen shot.
  • Have you tried unticking the option "Allow users with an Administrator role to read and edit tickets in the User Console" on the service desk queue?
    • That was a good idea, unfortunately it did not work.
  • So I would recommend that you turn to the excellent KACE Support team to see what they say, as I don't think this is expected behaviour from the tool, good luck!
  • Thank you for you help. I did contact KACE in April and I am still waiting for their response. We will see. I will post the answer if it is ever resolved.
  • Still no word from Kace. We just upgraded to the latest version (Server Current Version: 6.3.113397, Agent Version: 6.3.314 ). The problem still persists. Luckily it's not that big of a deal yet.
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