Today someone (a habitual ticket submitter) contacted me after a summer of vacation and indicated the last two tickets they have submitted from their company email address did not receive our comments back to him.  Within the service desk the comments are recorded and the person has not changed their email address.  


I sent in two tickets: 1) from a @gmail and 2) from our company email address.  Both worked as expected.  


I also checked the logs, although I am not sure where to look, and what I did look at looks ok.  

I am thinking about deleting his user account and asking him to submit a test ticket.  

Any other suggestions?

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  • what helpdesk or ticket system do u use ?
  • The dell kace 1000
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Any results/errors should be in the Exim log if it's a problem on the K1000. I don't think you need to recreate the user to test this.

The company email address should work, but the gmail one may not if you don't have "accept email from unknown users" checked.

Have the user submit a new ticket and see if it goes through.  If not, there might be a log on your mail server, or the user may get a bounce back email.  If so, make sure to save that.

K1000 log location:

Settings>Support>Troubleshooting Tools>K1000 Troubleshooting Logs

Or if you have organizations enabled:

System>K1000 Settings>Support>Troubleshooting Tools>K1000 Troubleshooting Logs

If you are still having trouble after testing, submit a support ticket with the logs and the bounce back if possible: http://www.kace.com/support/contact

Answered 09/20/2013 by: jknox
Red Belt

  • I am having our networking team look into it as only one user has indicated he cannot receive our emails. Other users using @company email addresses work. Here are our logs:

    2013-09-24 08:17:14 1VORYI-000Fcp-On => abc123@ourCompany.com R=smart_route T=remote_smtp H=our.smtp.server.com [] X=TLSv1:DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA:256
    2013-09-24 08:17:14 1VORYI-000Fcp-On Completed
  • Here is what the networking team said:

    For some emails when sending to our.smtp.server.com it is actually being routed to one of many mail servers and one of which failed because that user's emailhost on the unix side is not located at the routed mail server. So the server does not know how to route the email for that user.

    For the email that worked (I clicked on the "Email Ticket" button it went to the correct server and ended up in the user's inbox.

    I asked the networking team why if we are sending to our.smtp.server.com does it then get routed to the wrong mail server. Waiting to hear back from them.
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