I create a new ticket within the Service-Desk and insert a Email-Adress in the CC-List-Field.

If the email is to my local domain it will be send - but if the email is to an external domain (example: sombody@somewhere.com) KACE didn't send any mail.

In this case the SMTP-Server didn't receive anything from KACE.

Is there somthing to customize that this will work or is this an known bug?


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If you contact support then they can give you something called a "triage patch" they'll help you install.  A triage patch is just a read-only share (hidden and admin password protected) to many of the K1000 log files. After you install it the mail server log is at \\k1000\logs2\exim\mainlog.

Otherwise you will have to download the logs tarball which is overkill here.  But it is at Settings->Support->troubleshooting tools -> logs

However, I still expect you to view this log and find that email are going to out but are either not being relayed to the internet OR, if you are not using relay , the kbox cannot resolve or get out to the internet, or lastly it might not be trusted by the recipient as a mail handler for whatever address it is using.

P.S. I really like the triage patch cuz then I can do things like tail the kbox logs (if you have latest version of patch) and get other answers on logs more quickly.

P.P.S. did you know prior to version 5.4 you could visit logs directly like this (example of access_log):  http://kbox/logs/access_log

Answered 01/29/2013 by: GillySpy
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That sounds like a problem with the SMTP server, even though you said that the server isn't receiving anything. If the emails are getting sent to local addresses then KACE must be doing its job.

Answered 01/29/2013 by: chucksteel
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Agree with chucksteel, this sounds like an issue on the mail server next to the KBO. With regards to notifying other users via email using the Service Desk you can also refer to this article, just thought about it as it's great and even though it may not solve the issue you experience:


Answered 01/29/2013 by: RaSko
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Settings->Support->troubleshooting tools -> logs

check out the exim log files for info on email

Answered 01/29/2013 by: jdornan
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Didn't know the trick with the troubleshooting-tools. I downloaded the logs and you are right: the SMTP-Server is "Unable to relay".

Actually he should relaying, because the Sender has an address like ...@localdomain. Must check my Exchange-Server.

Many thanks to all for the very fast answers!

Answered 01/30/2013 by: JuergenFritz
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