Here is what I need too do and I need some assistance please. 

I have listed the items in priority:

                                     I need to send Helpdesk Emails to KACE to have a ticket automatically created

a.       No email notifications turned on

2.                                          Developing quick workflow for this (assigning proper ticket category, then assigning to technician, closing ticket)

a.       For now, I need you to test this workflow out on myself, then once that is established, I can talk about what this workflow will look like and then roll out to Helpdesk staff.

 Roll out to all Helpdesk staff and use KACE for all Support Request tracking I

mplementing Email notifications

Thank you.


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  • What you are asking for is out of the box for KACE, if you have incoming email configured on your K1000 and accept emails from unknown users (if you don't have AD integration configured) ticked in the queue option, then an incoming email will create a new ticket.

    From there it will have a default category assigned, again from the main queue settings page. If you configure your Categories and put in place a default ticket owner for each category, once you have the category selected the ticket will automatically be assigned to that technician.

    Does that help?
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