i am packaging an application which hard codes an xml file with my host ip address, i need this to be taken from each machine it is on and not keep my host ip for every machine that installs the software as the program requires the host machines ip.

can anyone advise of a script which will dynamicaly change the ip address in this xml file as i cant find anything anywhere!



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A quick Google search found loads of hits for editing XML with vbscript.

This one gives a good example, you'll just need a bit of code to grab the client IP address from your target machine so that it can be written to the XML file.


Hope that helps,


Answered 10/24/2012 by: dunnpy
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  • i couldnt find anything that would do the job when i searched, found two but they didnt work, thanks for this, im not been lazy and just posting for an easy life i have looked for something first.
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Thanks for this

we have tried using it and it does the job to a degree but hard to work out what it contains within the example xml file so hard to change to suite

thanks anyway

Answered 10/24/2012 by: keane2012
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we have used this, there is an issue where by its taking away the final " from the ip address so stumped again, thanks anyway for your hellp

Answered 10/24/2012 by: keane2012
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